Credit Account

Liquidity to finance your professional activity

Available only at our branches
  • Request an annual amount and use it as needed.
  • You don't have to submit supporting documents for expenses.
  • No fees for cards, standard transfers or checks.
Would you rather open it online?
You can open an Online Credit Account without going to the branch. You can only request a maximum of €25,000.

As if it were your own money

  • You decide the amount and the destination

    When you sign up for the account, you can request the annual credit you need. Once your application is approved, this amount will be available in the account to cover your professional expenses. 


  • And also, the repayment
    There are no fixed fees. During the year-long contract, you can repay as much as you wish to your account whenever it suits you best. As you pay the credit back, it will be reset to its initial value.

It works like a checking account

  • So you can bank conveniently
    You can use it as an additional checking account to your Negocios Account to place and receive transfers, make card payments, direct debit bills or charge payments using a POS terminal. 
  • Without the usual fees

    Since it is linked to the Negocios Account, this credit account includes all its advantages: €0 fee for a debit or credit card, for ordinary transfers and to issue or pay checks.

    See transfers in detail

Customize your credit account based on the needs of your business.

And the costs?

  • Every three months, the charge associated with the settlement of expenses is made to your credit account. These are the usual expenses for any credit account: 

    1. Interest for drawdowns. Fixed interest rate that is applied to the amount you use each quarter.
    2. Availability fee. It is applied to the amount you have not drawn each quarter. 


Are you interested?

If you're self-employed or have a business, get more information on opening the account at any BBVA branch.

Would you like more information?

Would you prefer a different type of financing?

See more financing options

We help you manage your business's day-to-day

  • Monitor your other banks

    Add and monitor your accounts at other banks without leaving the BBVA app.
  • Manage your sales

    If you have a business, manage your sales, remittances, and POS terminal easily with My Business.


  • Our goal is to make life easier for those who work day in and day out to make their businesses grow.
  • We believe in a way of banking that focuses on people:

The information that BBVA provides on its financing products does not constitute a firm offer. The amounts shown on the factsheet and in the personalized calculation are based on estimates that we make based on the data we have on you, and are always subject to approval by BBVA. 

This factsheet also does not imply a recommendation to apply for the products or amounts indicated, nor does it commit BBVA to grant them. Furthermore, its information does not replace or amend the pre-contractual and/or contractual documentation that we will send you if your financing application is approved, which you must read and consent to before signing the contract.

If you are looking for financing for your company, with the Credit Account you will obtain the liquidity it needs to cover all business expenses, which will make your day-to-day operations easier.