Public Sector Reverse Confirming

We help you manage your payments to suppliers.

  • 2 Save time managing your invoices.
  • 2 Free service.
  • 2 100% online.

What is reverse factoring?

  • Reverse factoring is a service that makes it easier to pay suppliers. Instead of processing all your invoices yourself, you give us the information and we'll take care of paying each supplier on the exact date.

How does it work?

  • Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to your BBVA Net Cash online banking account.
    2. You send us the payment orders by uploading a data file.
    3. And that's it! Your suppliers will be paid on the specified date or they can request an advance on the invoice.

More advantages for your everyday life

  • Have peace of mind
    You can rest assured that your suppliers will be paid on time.
    Optimize resources
    You can devote less time to constantly managing and processing invoices.
    Simplify your tasks
    You'll be able to place payment orders online, automate them and view your products, all from one place.

Improve your relationship with your suppliers

  • The advantages that reverse factoring offer your suppliers will help you negotiate better terms and conditions.

    • They have the guarantee of knowing that their payments are managed by a reliable bank like BBVA.
    • They will be able to request advance payment of the invoices.
    • If they request an advance, they will get paid sooner

How can I apply for it?

  • Just visit one of our branches or contact your personal adviser, who will help you sign up for the service on BBVA Net Cash so you can start using it right away.

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