Free Analytics

Expand the limits of your business

With the Free Analytics service at no extra cost.

Customer loyalty is the best sales strategy. Attract your current customers to increase their purchasing frequency and recover those customers who have been away for a while.

BBVA has reached a collaboration agreement⁽¹⁾ with Izicap and Mastercard to give you free access to your customers' consumption data, and much more!

You will have access to detailed information on your customers' behavior:

  • By days and hours per week.
  • By purchasing frequency.
  • By amounts.

And you can achieve much more by converting this data into specific actions and attract your customers more often, with Izicap free for 1 year⁽²⁾.

Your customers' card becomes their loyalty card!

  • 1. Access your Izicap control panel and analyze the consumption data with Free Analytics.

  • 2. After analyzing the data, we encourage you to create a free one-year loyalty program with Izicap.

  • 3. The customer pays with their card and enters their phone number in the POS terminal⁽³⁾.

  • 4. The customer automatically receives an SMS and registers in your loyalty program.

  • 5. You launch personalized marketing campaigns, with vouchers, discounts...

  • 6. Increase your customers' purchasing frequency and recover those customers who have been away for a while.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • Free Analytics: analyze your customers' purchasing habits by hour and day, by purchasing frequency and by amount.
  • Confidentiality: the data is confidential, only you will have access to the information.
  • 1 year free of the loyalty program: free access to the program, which you can use to launch promotions easily and intuitively.

Go into MyBusiness, activate Free Analytics and start expanding your business.

⁽¹⁾Service provided by Izicap S.L. through its own app or software, which can be downloaded from the POS terminal. Izicap S.L. is solely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Service and for any legal and contractual obligations that may arise, especially involving confidentiality and privacy. The POS terminal is only used as a technological resource to make the app available to the store. BBVA bears no responsibility with regard to the Service or the consequences of the actions of Izicap S.L. The details of the operations and store customers who use the Service purchased by the store will be processed by Izicap S.L. through its application installed in the POS terminal. BBVA will not have access to any details related to the Service.

⁽²⁾For the BASE service.

⁽³⁾Only for Android POS terminal.