BBVA Cobros app

Accept payments by card using your smartphone from anywhere and don't miss out on a single sale. 

Accept card payments from your smartphone

BBVA Cobros is the app that allows you to accept card payments and payments by other devices using your cell phone, so that you can grow your business wherever you are.

It is very convenient and easy to use: you just need to take out a Mobile Payment POS Terminal and download the app to start taking payment from your customers. Optionally, if you wish, you can also request a small card reader to connect to your phone.

Send purchase receipts by email to your customers

Take payments without needing to have change or cash, and send your customers purchase receipts by email. 

Sign up for it for just €6 a month, with no extra charges or maintenance fees. Monthly flat rate up to €10,000 worth of annual payments. Above this figure, a discount rate of 1.10% will be charged. If you have any questions, contact us at

Download the user guide for more information. 

Download the BBVA Cobros app