BBVA Business Loan

I want financing for my company.

  • We help you to obtain custom financing in order to purchase assets and maintain the working capital of your company.
  • We offer you all the advantages you need to make your work easier.


  • Short term

    • Companies that require specific financing for their production campaigns.
    • Companies that have imbalanced cash inflows and outflows and liquidity problems.
    • Companies that plan to make investments which are redeemed in a short period of time 
    • Customers with significant and regular cash flow in the sector within the asset structure. 

    Medium and long term

    • Newly created companies that need external capital support.
    • Companies that plan to make a large investment and need guaranteed financing.
    • Customers that have very significant property within its group of assets.
    • Any company that considers it more costly to solicit a capital increase (due to the cost of shareholder remuneration) or is limited in its capacity to do so.
    • Companies with structural cash-flow deficits.

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