BBVA takes you to TEDxMadrid (and to the future and the past)

Progress is not just looking to the future. Or perhaps it is, but with an eye glancing at the past. This is one of the fundamental ideas of the retrofuture, a term that cropped up in the 80s, and referred to the whole culture that emerged around science fiction of that decade. A multitude of films, series, video games and books were trying to decipher the future that is now our present.

With this basic motto, on 21 September the 10th TEDxMadrid will be held at the Circo Price Theater in the capital. Specialists from different disciplines will explain their ideas on what elements of the past can condition our future, and you can enjoy it for free. If you want to know how, read on.

BBVA, as one of the sponsors, offers you a pair of tickets and the option of experiencing the event from inside by working as a volunteer. Do you want to be one of the lucky ones? There are some simple steps to complete: follow us on social media and explain your reasons for going to TEDxMadrid. The most original answers will receive one of the 3 pairs of tickets or one of 5 volunteering possibilities that we offer. Up for it?

Go back to the past to decipher the future

Perhaps we have to look back to the past to find the answers for our future. And what better way than listening to leading voices from different fields to get a global idea? This is what will happen (or at least be attempted) in the TEDxMadrid 2019 talks.

Speakers from disciplines as diverse as music, archaeology, food and communications will attend the event, among others, but all of them have a common link: they represent a two-way, past-future journey in order to search for answers.

One of the speakers is the African archaeologist Sirius Canós, who will talk about how the combination of archaeology, oral traditions and historical texts help us today to understand the diversity of past African societies and their relevance in the present.

We will also see and listen to the futurist musical Rigo Pex, aka MENEO, known globally as one of the first producers to mix electronic dance with traditional rhythms and samples from Latin America such as cumbia, merengue and dembow. A musical style given the name "electropical." 

Edgar Cabanas, critical psychologist, doctor of psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a researcher at Camilo José Cela University, will talk about the happiness industry: its political uses, roots, social consequences and implementation in work, education and consumption.

Also appearing will be Elena Carrera, a historian of emotions; Mercedes Vila, physicist; Elisabet Roselló, post-futurist; Anónimo García, an ultra-rationalist; and El Hematocrítico, teacher, comedian and children's author. Different fields all to search for the breadth of vision. Do you dare to make this trip through time with us?