BBVA Bconomy

The more you know, the better your decisions

With the new feature from the BBVA app you will be able to monitor your expenses by comparing them with people like you, create a financial cushion so that you can have piece of mind, or set a savings goal

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BBVA Bconomy

Lots of people have achieved what they set out to do thanks to managing their personal finances better. Discover how:


35 years old. Ex-attorney.

She opened her own business and made her dreams come true, thanks to the financial cushion she gained by managing her personal finances with BBVA Bconomy.


47 years old. Teacher.

He ensured that his daughter Monica had the opportunity to learn English because, with BBVA Bconomy, he set a goal and achieved it.


26 years old. Graphic designer.

With BBVA Bconomy he was able to compare how much he paid for his electricity with what other people like him paid, and this allowed him to find a better option.


41 years old. Nurse.

Marga was able to organize a surprise party for her husband because, with BBVA Bconomy, she knew what her income and expenses would be for the following month.

All about BBVA Bconomy

Check your financial health, optimize your expenses, improve your ability to save, check the details of your income, and much more.

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