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Aggregation service

You can now add your other banks to the world's best banking app, the BBVA app.

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What is the Aggregation Service?

Imagine being able to check the details on all your banks at a glance: status of your accounts, cards, recent transactions, direct debited bills, pension plans, etc.

That's now possible with the new BBVA Aggregation Service. You won't have to go from one app or website to another anymore, because you'll have it all in one place, your BBVA website or app.

If you're a BBVA customer, connecting your other banks is very easy: go into the BBVA website or app, select the bank and add it using the same passwords that you use to log into your app or website.

At BBVA, security is a must; we will never ask you for your passwords. You will get a summary of all your expenses and income, but you will keep making your payments and transfers from your other banks.

Do you want to have all your accounts in one place?

Try out the Aggregation Service!

And if are company,

Additionally have the service of aggregation for companies BBVA One View that allows see all the banks of your company in the same format and on time actual. From a bill, a payment of VAT, an overdraft, a deposit... Moreover can have alerts personalized.

Discovers all that you can help on the day to day of your company BBVA One View.

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