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Aggregation service

Adds and operates your banks without go out of BBVA'sapp, the leading app world in mobile banking for the third consecutive year.

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What is the financial aggregator?

Imagine being able to check the details on all your banks at a glance: state of your accounts, your cards, as well as the rest of your products financial. And moreover, operate with your accounts attachés.

With the financial aggregator win time in your day by day to the be able to operate with your other banks from the same space. Moreover, be able to see all of easy way, comfortable and fast for fear that you lose no detail of your accounts BBVA and your accounts attachés of other banks. And thus know always from what bank you suits more do your operations.

What operations can do

With the financial aggregator be able to operate with your accounts from the same space. Discovers what can do with your accounts attachés without go out of BBVA's app:

  • Enquiries: Checks at a glance the balance of all your accounts attachés for decide from which operate.
  • Transfers: Requests that execute transfers from the accounts attachés of your other banks from BBVA's app.
  • Transfers: Have an unforeseen event or a bill unexpected? Be able to carry out transfers among BBVA accounts or request transfers from accounts attachés.

How does it work?

If you're a BBVA customer, connecting your other banks is very easy:

  • Enters BBVA's app or on the website.
  • Selects the company and add it using the same passwords that use for enter your other banks.

And all, with security. Can operate at an easy pace with your other banks from our app or website of way so sure as when operate in BBVA.

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