Our commitment is steadfast:
we want to be part of the solution

In this new and uncertain reality that the pandemic is forcing us into, we at BBVA are devoting all our resources and technology to a single objective: to get through this stronger. Because we will find new opportunities together.

Our branches are adapting to offer you the best service
Although you should do all your banking online if possible, our branches have implemented extra health and safety measures, so you can see an adviser if you need to. To improve operations and wait times at our branches, our teller service hours are from 8:30 to 11:00 am.

We're still at your side, working to be part of the solution

We're continuing to support self-employed workers and companies

To enhance digital capabilities and make it easier to get financing, we made available immediate liquidity lines worth 25 billion euros.

In addition, to help support and prop up our business fabric, which is being devastated by this crisis, we are continuing to offer the assistance approved by the Government in the form of ICO guarantee lines.

And to guide companies that have investments, our experts analyze all the economic news in articles and podcasts to help them understand how the market trends are affecting them. 

We are keeping online banking easy and convenient

To avoid unnecessary travel, you can do all your banking at and the BBVA app, even if you're self-employed, at any time and without having to go to a branch.

And to make remote operations more accessible to companies, we are continuing to reinforce the teams that support them through digital channels. 

Online banking for individuals and self-employed workers

Online operations for companies

We continue to support you financially

If you've had to stop working, or have lost your job, we supported and expanded upon the financial assistance that was approved by the Government:
  • By deferring payments on personal and mortgage loans for up to nine months.
  • Helping you to redeem your Pension Plan and EPSV.
  • Offering you financing to cover the rent payment on your primary residence, with no fees or interest and with the ICO guarantee.

If you're receiving unemployment benefits, we've been depositing it early since April.

If you get a pension from Social Security, since April, we have also been moving up the deposit date.

And if you have investment products, our experts are continuing to help you understand market trends with articles and podcasts. 

We remain committed to cybersecurity

To help protect against the increased number of computer threats due to the coronavirus, our experts are offering the information you need to stay safe online.

We are still here for you

To guide you and give you the support you need to face these uncertain times, we have compiled the most valuable tips from some of the professionals who partner with Learning Together, our education project for a better life that already has one billion views.

And this is how we support healthcare in the most difficult times

We donated 35 million euros among all the countries where BBVA is present in order to purchase medical materials and help social organizations, acquiring 400,000 masks and bringing more than 1,000 respirators from China, which were distributed to hospitals.
What's more, we're supporting our employees' efforts by delivering their donated blankets and cell phone batteries to medical centers, and by matching their donations, which total 2 million euros.

Would you like to help us be part of the solution?

Support Save The Children's "By Your Side" project and help meet the food and hygiene needs of children and teens affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Making a contribution is this simple:

Go into Bizum from the BBVA app, click on "Donate to an NGO" and enter code 01020 to make your donation.


All of us at BBVA wish to convey a message of hope and solidarity. Together, we will find new opportunities for everyone.