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BBVA Mobile

Take advantage of BBVA Mobile and obtain Mobile Cash or increase your security with the Alerts Service. For this, there are native applications developed for every smartphone operating system, or you can access from the web browser of your cell phone the web portal

In addition, customers performing transfers from mobile applications or and, do not pay fees*.

Discover all the transactions you can do at BBVA from your cell phone. From checking your BBVA accounts and products to making Transfers, Buying and Selling Securities or making Contributions to Pension Plans. See operations.

In our blog, you will find out all the advantages of the new BBVA Mobile app, with a new design, and which is clearer and more intuitive. Here are some recommendations on how to make your cell phone safer .

*Valid until 12/31/2016 for one-off transfers in euros, Swedish Krona or Romanian Leu, made by private individuals through from any digital device within the European Economic Area, which includes the 28 European Union countries, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. This does not include deferred transfers, permanent orders or orders placed from BBVA Net Office. Complementary items and transfer expenses established for these purposes will be applied.