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What is the EstarSeguro Plan?

It is a plan that helps you save on your BBVA insurance payments. Group your payment into one bill, pay it in installments over 12 months for free and you will start saving from the second policy you add to your Plan.

The more insurance policies you have, the greater your percentage of savings, up to 15% for all insurance policies included. 

The BBVA insurance products you can include are car, motorcycle, home, health, life, and accident and you can include more than one of each (for instance, two car insurance policies), provided you are the Policyholder. Include your insurance policies with no fees and no minimum-term commitments. 

To obtain this Plan, you must sign up for the EstarSeguro Plan card, with no interest, no fees, and no additional costs. Card subject to prior approval by BBVA. 

Sign up now on your cell phone or at bbva.es. Log in to your private area and calculate your savings. Request your EstarSeguro Plan and make sure that you have selected the insurance products you wish to include.

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Group together the payments of your BBVA insurance products
Pay in 12 monthly installments
The more you group together, the more you save

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