All your banks
are welcome to the BBVA app

Use the aggregation service to add them to the best banking app in the world so you can view and keep all your accounts under control.

Because the more you know, the better your decisions.

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A credit limit gets you liquidity with a single click. To pay your payroll, taxes, suppliers, social security contributions, and import financing.

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Your bank on your cell phone

Because you have no time to lose, you can manage your business from the BBVA app and take advantage of all the benefits of online banking.

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BBVA Autónomos Sick Leave Insurance

An insurance plan that enables you to maintain your income while on temporary medical leave due to an illness or accident by receiving daily compensation.

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POS terminal

Solutions for selling, wherever you are, for more effective business management and organization, making things easier for your customers.

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Enjoy the advantages of the Business Account for your professional activity


No account maintenance fee

Set up direct debit payments for your taxes, social security contributions, and/or payroll.


BBVA Negocios Card

No issuance or maintenance fees.


Unlimited transfers with no fees

Via, the BBVA App or ATMs.

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Carry your POS terminal on your mobile and don't miss out on a single sale.

Flat rate POS

Get your POS with a flat rate adapted to your billing needs, starting at €10/month, or at a discount.


Should I invest in machinery or expand the warehouse? Whatever you choose, choose our financing. 

BBVA Salud Autónomos Insurance

When it comes to medical care, you can put your health in good hands with BBVA salud autónomos insurance.

And also