Loans and credits: financing for self-employed workers

We help you to boost your business with you the financing solution you need to keep growing.

For the tax payment, requests the Credit limit Click & Pay.

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Finance your projects

You help to choose between loans, credits and different ways of leasing or renting.

For what do you need the money?
  • Taxes, salaries, suppliers or social insurance products
  • Advance of charges
  • Vehicles, Machinery or technology
  • Local, sheds and offices
  • Liquidity for daily life
  • Other

Short-term financing

Click&Pay credit limit: paying taxes, salaries and providers

Take care of your business's regular payments with the Click&Pay credit limit.

Business Credit Account

Get the liquidity you need to cover your business' needs in the best conditions.

Trade Discount

Anticipate your charges in a simple way. We will give you an advance on an unexpired commercial credit.

Agro Credit Account

Obtain the liquidity that you need for your farming business and get a discount on the interest rate for having or contracting BBVA products.

CAP Advance Agropréstamo loan

Have your CAP paid into BBVA and you will be able to request the CAP Advance agropréstamo.

Credit Account Online

Enjoys this credit account contractible 100% online for finance the activities usual of your business.

Long-term financing

BBVA Online Negocios Loan

In a single click have financing for face to the investments of your business.

Loan Business BBVA

Have financing for face to the investments of your business.


Discover the advantages that this financing offers your business.

Negocios Mortgage

Finance the purchase of your business premises in the most flexible way.

Technological Renting

Access the latest technology at a highly competitive price.

Car renting - BBVA Autorenting

We offer you the vehicle that you need at competitive installments.

Loans with a SAECA endorsement

We offer financing backed up by grants from the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate access to financing for farmers and ranchers.


The financing you need for investments in farming and cattle farming assets.


Upgrade your farming equipment and machinery with BBVA flexible financing.

Loan calculator

Calculate the conditions of your loan accurately and with no surprises. You will be able to get an idea of the installments, terms and other associated conditions.

Simulate your loanabout Loans calculator


Go to the ICO website and discover the different lines of funding for your business.

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Adiós Comisiones Program

If you pay contributions as a self-employed worker, say goodbye to fees in your favorite transactions and services.

More infoabout Adiós Comisiones Program