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A credit limit gets you liquidity with a single click. To pay your payroll, taxes, suppliers, social security contributions, and import financing.


Net cash

Discover BBVA's online banking for SMEs. You'll be able to quickly and easily manage your business's accounts no matter where you are.


Commerce 360

It is a free tool from BBVA Data & Analytics that gathers the statistics from your BBVA POS terminal to offer you information on how your sales and customers develop.

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Work hand in hand with your SME specialist adviser to plan for your business needs and take full advantage of every opportunity.

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BBVA SMEs Salud Insurance

Taking care of your employees' health is taking care of your company's health.

BBVA SMEs Salud Insurance

Comprehensive healthcare, diagnostic tests and hospitalization:

  • Medical team boasting 40,000 professionals and 700 private centers.
  • No copayments and a single premium for both sexes.
  • Family members of the employees can be added to the policy.

And also