Digital certificate of your company: what is and for what is useful?

Carries out the administrative administrative steps of your business of the way more comfortable.
The companies, are of the sector that are, need be in touch with different bodies of the public administration for carry out all kind of administrative steps. Thanks to the technological progress that are living in the current digital age, nowadays is possible take them to cape of telematicway. This new system, a lot of more comfortable for the companies, requires a digital certificate of company. Discovers in what consists, how achieve it and the advantages that can contribute to your business.
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What is the digital certificate of company?

Until does some years, the companies owed carry out all your administrative administrative steps of way in person in order prove your identity. The technological progress and the boom of Internet during these last few decades have fact possible the telematic processing of this kind of administrative steps, introducing new methods a lot of faster, agile and simple. 

In this respect, the digital certificate of company, also known as certificate of agent, is the document electronic that allows identify to the companies online and that, therefore, them allows carry out different red tapes of telematicway. This document virtual contains the details identifying of the business, that have been previously authenticated by the public institution person responsible for the issuance of the certificate (the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell) without this supposes no cost for the company.

The digital certificate also is available for individuals, but in the business field possible recipients are:

  • Agents of legal entities that are managers only or solidary.
  • Agents of legal entities.
  • Agents of companies without legal entities.

How achieve the digital certificate for companies

For achieve the digital certificate, owes access the website of the FNMT with some next web browsers: Firefox, Explorer or Chrome. The application initiates clicking in the option “Obtain digital certificate ” and specifying if the certificate is intended for a natural or legal person. Next, appears a drop-down menu in the left part where is necessary to select “obtain certified Software” and “obtain certificate”. 

In this new window, the interested party owes introduce your ID number (Tax ID) for send your application. Once fact this, the website generates the so-called code of application, to present form in the pertinent office of the Internal Revenue service. The objective of this procedure is that the interested party proves your identity, so is necessary that also takes with him your ID number.

After have personado for your identification, the applicant can download the certificate from the same web browser with which completed the application of the code. Simply has to repeat the initial passes until reach the option of “obtain certified Software” and introduce the ID number together with your code of application. Once the request has been sent, the certificate is installed in the hard disk of the team from which have processed the administrative steps. 

For check that the installation has carried out correctly, can open the web browser, and follow the next route: Tools > Options of Internet > Content > Certificates. In this last section is where owes appear the certificate that has downloaded. Finally, is recommendable export it for have a backup of the same one.

What operations allow carry out the digital certificate?

The digital certificate allows to the companies carry out different operations of way completely telematic. These procedures are which carry out through the pages websites of government institutions as the Social Security Institute, the Internal Revenue service or the Trade Records. 

Some operations more important that can manage are the related to :

  • Taxes and rates.
  • Aduanas.
  • Censuses, ID number and domicile for tax purposes.
  • Certifications.
  • Collection.
  • Fiscal advantages and authorizations.
  • Fiscal and procedure checkouts sanctioning.
  • Requirements and communications.
  • Resources, complaints, other procedures of checkup and suspensions.

Advantages of the digital certificate of company

The digital certificate entails multiple benefits for the companies, especially by contrast with the traditional management process in person. The first is the speed: the fact of that the agents of the company not have to carry out no displacement saves a time considerable. This supposes, at the same time, a reduction of the costs derived from these and, also, of the lost time during the administrative steps.

This document digital also contributes simplicity to any procedure, since facilitates the communication between the company and the Administration. Moreover, the fact of that the operation bureaucratic carries out in an electronic way contributes to that reduce the errors (delete those derived from the manual procedures) and the consumption of paper.

Last of all, we must emphasize that the company has a great flexibility hourly for do your administrative steps, since the system telematic is available 24 during 365 days a year.

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