Total control of financial information of your company with BBVA One View

With this bank aggregation service, you'll get a quick overview of your business's accounts
One of BBVA's main goals is to offer tools and solutions that businesses can use to improve their management and get the best financial information. This is why we created One View*, a solution that lets you track every transaction in all your banks from BBVA. Through this banking aggregator, you can add accounts, credit accounts and cards, whether from BBVA or from other financial institutions. And with the highest level of security, always.
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BBVA One View
Do the payments of your company from your other banks without go out of BBVA.

How does One View work?

It's very simple to use this tool and get a quick overview of your company's finances. You can add accounts, cards and other financial products to One View from more than eighty financial institutions, giving you easier control of your business finances. Once the products in the different financial institutions are connected, you will have a convenient view of all the accounts and products in all your banks. You can access the details on each and review charges, transactions, etc. To make it easier for you to work with your figures, One View will arrange your transactions into categories that you can reclassify to suit your company's needs. In the income and expenses section, you can set goals by category and analyze their trend over time. You can also export the information in different formats and, with its liquid asset analysis, see your global position and track its progress.
If you work in a business group, One View provides an overview of each company, as well as aggregate views of the group's financial situation.
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Vas of a bank to another for pay to your suppliers
Simplify things! Do the payments of your company without go out of BBVA.

Payment orders and notifications

BBVA One View informs you of relevant events that occur in your accounts, such as an overdraft, and lets you take care of them quickly. The tool also lets you make individual transfers from BBVA accounts, and thanks to its smart engine, it recommends the best payment option for each case based on the customer's preferences and the specifics of the transaction (destination account, amount, time of day or fees). The payment process signing the operation with the token of BBVA Net Cash.

Thanks to this feature, you can quickly get your company's financial information and make better management decisions.

Do the payments of your company from your other banks without go out of BBVA

So much if your company is big as small, surely work with more than a bank. For that reason, in BBVA try facilitate you daily life with BBVA One View. A tool with which as well as have a vision global of your different banks, now also you allows do the payments of your company from your other banks without go out of BBVA**.

  • In an agile and simple way: chooses one of your accounts attachés, complete the details of payee, amount and concept and smart, have initiated the payment. The bank that receives the order from BBVA execute the transfer. The transaction receipt it be able to download directly, thus was over have to go of a bank to another.
  • Safe: your passwords always be yours. From BBVA only you ask for the passwords of your other banks at the time of the aggregation. Later, for initiate payments, the passwords only you the ask for your other banks.
  • No fees: not you charge no fee for this service. Only pay what your other bank you copper usually for the transfers standards and immediate.
  • And many more functionalities: as well as carry out the operations, be able to see the historic one of payments tidy for date, the payments pending of signature and cancel the periodic payments, etc.

All without go out of BBVA.

* BBVA One View is an information service for accounts and other financial products for BBVA customers. More than 80 financial institutions available. More info of

** The initiator of payments of BBVA One View is available for the transfers from Caixabank, Santander, Popular, Bankinter, Unicaja and Bankia.

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