How to create a franchise

We explain to you how to go about a franchise project
Creating a franchising plan is one way to define a coherent strategy to expand a business. This is a strategy adapted to the circumstances, possibilities, structures, and goals of the company offering franchising opportunities.
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The plan is developed by specifying all of the conceptual business factors and relationship guidelines that will go into the agreement used to create the franchise. This must be done in a methodical, analytical, and decisive manner.

How to produce the plan

Work on a franchising plan must take place in collaboration with expert consultants who understand how to create a business expansion plan based on franchising. This is a multi-disciplinary type of project that will require the involvement of professionals specialized in a very diverse range of subjects.

A franchising plan tends to have 10 work phases, planned in advance according to a specific sequence. Each of these phases is associated with a fundamental aspect of the franchising system being proposed.

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Stages of the franchise creation project

1. Preliminary analysis.

2. Review, adaptation, and definition of the business model.

3. Economic assessment of the model.

4. Definition of the franchising system.

5. Plan for execution.

6. Economic evaluation and analysis of the franchising system.

7. Report on opinions and recommendations.

8. Documentation (informational and contractual).

9. Business manuals.

10. Expansion of the network.

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