Control of income and expenditure in your business, useful tools

Discover the types of tools available to help with the accounting records of your expenditure and income
Taking account of income and expenditure is basic to any business: as well as being an essential tool to enable you to comply with your legal and tax obligations, you also need to keep accounts in order to monitor the day-to-day operations of your business, assess results and discover areas that need improvement or that are preventing you from generating optimum returns. To facilitate accounting, there is a wide range of management programs, spanning from the simplest spreadsheet to complex business resource planning solutions. We will now talk you through some of the most common tools for keeping track of your business income and expenditure.
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Basic accounting using spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are one of the simplest and most economical solutions to keep track of income and expenses. They are a tool within the reach of any self-employed worker or small business, and are very to use if you are not interested in complicated set-ups. In its most basic version, a spreadsheet displays entries is a similar way to traditional accounting books, with columns to indicate the date and amount of income or expense, and the result of that entry in the general accounts. With the right expertise, you can use much more complex formulas that automate processes and generate graphs and summaries of transactions, to analyze business performance or submit tax documents. The most widely used spreadsheet application is Excel, which is included in the Microsoft Office package; but there are also free applications, many of which are compatible with Excel, and they can be used to track income and expenses.
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Accounting programs and applications

Many simple accounting programs are no more than complex spreadsheets, where the processes and formulas have been established in advance so that the user gets the desired results just by inputting their data. They are the perfect solution for those who need to track their expenses and income and create more detailed reports and itemizations, but who do not want to learn advanced Excel formulas or use more expensive and complex management solutions. Moreover, the majority of accounting programs offer additional features, such as auto-complete templates with the various tax forms or the possibility of creating quotes, invoices or shipping notes. There is a great deal of such programs available, and it is possible to find specific applications aligned with the needs of virtually all industries.


Enterprise Resource Planning programs are complex, integral business management solutions. This kind of software offers tools to manage not only accounting but other parts of business administration such as production, sales, inventory and human resources. Since they are all-in-one solutions that can affect all departments and information hubs, the process of adapting and implementing can be challenging and requires support from specialist consultants. However, it is true that this kind of comprehensive management solutions offers many advantages: they can help you save time and resources by automating processes and make it easier to share information and access cloud storage. They also offer numerous customization options, based on the requirements of each business.

BBVA One View and BBVA Net Cash, BBVA's solutions for control your expenses and your income

BBVA customers who are looking for simple feature to track their income and expenses have BBVA One View, a simple and intuitive aggregator to view all the products you have in any bank, at a glance. Using just a few clicks, you can add accounts, credit accounts and cards from any bank in order to obtain a comprehensive view of the overall position of your liquid assets in a single location. You can also download the transactions of the different accounts in a single format.

BBVA One View also available in BBVA Net Cash, the banking online for companies, that offers a body of tools for companies and institutions that can operate depending on your needs. With BBVA Net Cash, that also is available for cell phone, is possible manage all the operations of charges and payments and simplifies the financial management of your company. You can also order transfers, manage letters of credit and arrange factoring and confirming. It is also possible to access full and detailed information on all your accounts, liquid assets, financing, sureties and investment funds.

BBVA Net Cash not is the only application developed for BBVA with the aim of do easier the life of your customers. Always at the cutting edge of innovation, BBVA has developed various specific applications for mobile banking users, stakeholders in the real estate market and professionals who want to use their smartphone to pay by card, among others. If want know how can use BBVA Net Cash or other applications of BBVA, enters and explores our tools.

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