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The creation process of a company and your start-up entail a series of phases that be usually laborious and take a certain time. Nowadays, thanks to the technological progress, the above-mentioned process has simplified, above all thanks to that many of the steps can carry out in a telematicway. This new opportunity of operate offers a series of advantages with respect to the processing in person traditional as, for example, between enjoy a great agility to the take it to cape. If are interested in create your business, discovers which is the process for register as company through Internet.
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Steps for the creation of a company

The creation process of a company is made up of different phases and entails multiple administrative steps. In this respect, your planning is very important; help to save time, to do lither the procedures subsequent and to take in consideration all the factors present in the start-up of a business.

The first phase that constitutes the creation of a company is the definition of the business idea and of the elaboration of the enterprise plan . Is the step more conceptual of the project. Although at first sight can opinion fewer important and has the temptation of dedicate him little time for happen to the phases of administrative administrative steps subsequent (in which really materialize the project), is one of the phases key for increase the successful probabilities of the future business. 

The enterprise plan is the document that analyzes, defines and picks up different factors to take into account over the constitution and start-up of the project: includes the activity that leaves to develop together with the feasibility study of the business, that one of market and competent or the planning short and long term. Take into account these elements facilitate the beginning of the business and help to reduce possible risks. The plan of marketing also usually be part of this first document and is basic for plan the stock that announce the future company.

Once the enterprise plan is finished, the interested parties owe proceed to the choice of the legal form of your future business. This point is basic, since each of them adapts to a different type of company. Some more common are the limited companies, the public limited companies and the self-employed workers or sole entrepreneurs.

A third phase, that can have considered already in the enterprise plan, is the search of financing for have the capital necessary that allows initiate the project. This financing can come given for a banking organization or for any other organism or person of the public sector or private.

Next, must be carried out a series of procedures of start-up of the company, that can vary according to the type of one this and that depend on several factors. Now is possible take them to cape through internet, thanks to the Information center and Network of Business startups, commonly known as CIRCE.

Advantages of register as company through Internet

The platform digital of CIRCE, the system of business startups for Internet, allows register a business of telematicway. This entails a series of advantages. The first of they is a great speed when carry out different procedures for put it afoot, resulting also lither that if is carried out in person.

Another advantage is the reduction of the number of displacements on the part of the concerned individuals in the creation of the company. In this respect, the telematic processing connects to different organisms competent, allowing the communication between they and speeding up the process.

How register a company through internet

CIRCE is an information system that has an electronic platform that does possible carry out the procedures of constitution and start-up of determined types of company in Spain in a telematic way. The types of societies that can create through this platform are the following ones:

  • Limited company (SRL or S.L.).​
  • ​Sole Entrepreneur (Self-employed worker).
  • Limited Company of Education Successive (SLFS).
  • Limited Company New Company (SLNE).
  • Joint assets.
  • Civil Society.

The procedures to carry out vary according to the type of society. Nevertheless, the more common are the procedures of the Social Security Institute, the enrollment in the Commercial Registry, the application of the NIE (provisional and definite) or the completion of the DUE. This last one is the Document Only Electronic, that allows send the details to different administrations that do possible the creation of the company through Internet.

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The production of all of them can take a lot time. In BBVA have created a new system of Registration Online for Business that it reduces to few minutes, to the carry out online and without paperwork. Only is necessary have at hand the ID of the only manager or solidary, the writings of constitution and powers and, last of all, install the digital certificate of only and solidary manager (backed and given by the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell) and a software of autosignature (with which guarantees the maximum security in the process). Thus, if are interested in the creation of a company, only have to enter for discover the fastest and most comfortable way of open your account of company.
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