Thus can open a bank account online for your company

Discovers the way plainer to contract this type of products.
Implement a company usually cause many expenses, and have a bank account that adapts to the needs specific to your business results basic so much for save costs as time. For that reason, the majority of the banking organizations already offer the possibility of contract some of your products for Internet. If want know how open a bank account online for your company and know some of your advantages, follows reading.
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What are the bank accounts of company and the importance of have one

During the creation process and start-up of a business, one of the first steps more common, after define the legal form, is open a bank account addressed to the company. This product is the one which allows do the contributions of pertinent capital and thus start to carry out the economic activity . Nowadays, have a bank account is of vital importance since the great majority of the business transactions carry out through them or of products associated to they, as the credit or debit cards.

Many owners of companies not pose the possibility of open an account of businesses and use your personal accounts for business transactions without consider the advantages that can offer the first. These, as well as make up the services of a checking account for individuals, allow carry out certain types of operations specific to the businesses (as transfers of salaries or physical POS and virtual) and offer some extra advantages. 

Choose the type of bank account that better adapts to the model of business that wants implement is vital in order save in costs. Depending on the financial institution, the accounts specific for companies can include characteristics as the exemption from fees for maintenance and cards and transfers free, and other.

Advantages of open a bank account online

The banking organizations have had to transform your model of business for adapt to the breakthroughs technological with which count nowadays. For this reason, many banks already have some of your products, as the bank accounts, in an onlineway. Additionally is frequent that awards a prize to new users and to anyone who carry out certain operations for Internet instead of in the branch office. 

Some advantages of open a bank account online are the immediacy, the saving, the security and the flexibility. Contract a bank account for Internet you allows begin to manage operations at once. Moreover, the great majority of the companies offer systems of sure identification (for example, through digital certificate) in order enjoy the banking online and your mobile application with total peace of mind. Likewise, if fulfill certain requirements or pay by direct debit some expenses, as can be the bills, taxes, social insurance products or salaries, is possible access determined bonuses as cards, transfers and issuance of checks without fees. All of this as well as the saving of time that constitutes not have to organize the visits to the bank in working hours and the freedom that contributes the fact of that not there are limitations geographical nor hourly for access the banking online. Nevertheless, in the event that was necessary, also be usually possible choose a manager of reference in an office.

Last of all, an advantage that the bank accounts online share with the traditional products is the possibility of add products personalized for cover the needs of a certain business.

How open a bank account online

Given that currently the banking organizations try adapt to all kind of professionals and companies, before open a bank account online is recommendable read carefully the description of the products that offer for decide which is the one which better adapts to the customer needs. Generally, this information be usually quite easy of find on the websites of the banks. Once has decided the type of account that wants open, is enough with select it and follow the steps that go appearing onscreen.
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Want open bank for your business?
Do it with our Registration Online for Business, without fees

In BBVA, put at your disposal a service of registration online that expedites the procedures of opening of a bank account for companies in few minutes. For do it, only need:

  • The ID of the only manager or solidary.
  • The writings of constitution and powers.
  • Have installed in your computer the digital certificate of only and solidary manager (issued by the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell).
  • A software of autosignature. The Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations offers one of public character that allows validate any document easily. 

Thanks to this new functionality, a process that earlier could take until 15 days, now you take barely some minutes. Visit if want know more information.

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