To become a customer with the Empresas Bienvenida account you will need:

Private customer access password

If you already have an account with us as a private customer, you can use your access codes and not use the digital certificate.

ID documents

Of the representative resident in Spain (DNI or NIE) and of the company (deeds, powers of attorney, etc).
Continue the process

 Did you register and validate your email, and now want to continue the process of becoming a customer?

  • Don't meet the requirements?

    Don't worry. Send an application to the office of your choice and an adviser will help you open your account.
  • Still don't have a Tax ID (CIF)?

    If your company is in the process of incorporation and you still do not have a Tax ID number (CIF), call us and one of our managers will help you register your company.

    Call us on 91 804 96 82

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