Mortgage calculator

Calculate your payment (These prices are approximate)

Will this be your primary residence?
Is the property a new construction?

How much does the house you want cost?

Min. €20,000
Max. €2,000,000

How much money do you need?

Min. €3,000
Max. €75,000

We recommend that you do not apply for more than 80%.

Over how many years do you want to pay off the mortgage?

Min. 5
Max. 40

Remember that the sum of the mortgage term and your age must not exceed 70 years.

Fixed-rate mortgage

Fixed monthly payment

every year

356 58 

Your monthly payment will always be the same, with no increases or surprises.

NIR from:
APR from:
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Variable-rate mortgage

Fixed monthly payment

the first year

427 12 


Variable monthly payment

the remaining years

515 11 

Calculation made with constant Euribor rate

APR Vble from:
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Approximate taxes and expenses:

41,142 41 

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The BBVA mortgage calculator helps you find out what mortgage you can afford and how much the monthly fee would be. It also shows the associated purchase and sale and mortgage guarantee costs.

We offer the following types of mortgages:

- BBVA Fixed-rate mortgage

- BBVA Variable-rate mortgage

If you are thinking about buying a house, you only have to look at our conditions:

- No minimum interest clause.

- Up to 80% of the appraised value if it is the first property (70% if it is the second property), or the purchase and sale value, if lower.

- Up to a term of 40 years.

In addition to calculating the monthly installments to help you know which mortgage you can afford, at BBVA you can also:

- Find out the maximum amount based on my net monthly income.

- Find out the maximum amount based on the desired monthly fee.

- Begin your application for a BBVA mortgage.