BBVA Investment Fund Comparison

Catalog of investment funds

BBVA places at your disposal a wide range of investment funds, making it possible for you to find the most suitable product for your needs, whatever your investor profile.

There are funds for conservative investors, for those are prepared to run a greater risk and also a wide range of intermediate products. For example, you can apply for fixed income funds with a low risk profile in which the interest rate is the factor that most influences their evolution. There are also equity funds that invest most of their capital in shares; these offer a higher potential return and have a higher risk. There are also mixed income funds that diversify their investments between fixed income and equity assets.

There is another type of fund that does not fit into any of the above categories. These are global funds, whose investment policies are not precisely defined and the percentages they invest in fixed income or equities, the currency in which the shares are quoted or their geographical distribution may vary.

Comparing the investment funds offered by BBVA is the best way to have the fullest information for making the investment that best suits your profile. In addition to details such as the minimum investment, the net asset value, the risk profile and the recommended investment horizon, BBVA's investment fund comparison tool also offers a series of interactive graphs in which you can follow the evolution of each of the products, their share composition, fees, historical data and statistical risk data.