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This number indicates the product's risk level, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.

BBVA is affiliated with Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. The maximum amount guaranteed is 100,000 euros for the total of all deposits established at BBVA per person.

Online Account for new customers

An account with no fees

Neither for maintenance, nor administration

Debit card
no annual fee

You will be able to withdraw cash without paying fees at any of BBVA's 6,000 ATMs

online transfers*

Between any bank, and unlimited in Spain and the European Union

Become an online customer

Without having to direct deposit your payslip!

Are you under 30 years old?

Account + Blue card

Gafas Hawkers - BBVA

Bank account without administration or maintenance fees

Free cash withdrawals at over 6,000 BBVA ATMs.

Become a blue customer

More information for opening the BBVA Online Account and the BBVA Blue Account

  • Maintenance and administration fee: €0.
  • Cost for direct debit deposit of your salary or pension: €0.
  • Annual fee for the card (for new customers): €0.
  • *Transfers from or BBVA ATMs: €0. (*) At there is no fee for transfers made in Euros, Swedish Krona, or Romanian Leu within the European Economic Area (members of the European Union + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Transfers using magnetic media, Fund Movement Orders (FMOs) and Value Day transfers not included. For transfers which are not included, accompanying expenses and transfer fees established for these purposes do apply.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs of the BBVA Group in Spain: €0
  • Cash withdrawals carried out at an ATM belonging to a bank other than the BBVA Group in Spain in euros, BBVA will charge the same amount as the fee that the bank which owns the ATM charged BBVA.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs outside of Spain: 4.50% (min. €3.50).
  • Overdraft fee and interest rate (charged every 6 months): Fee of 4.5% on the overdraft amount (min. €15). Interest rate (NIR) of 7.25%.

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And moreover... enjoy being able to do it all from your cell phone

online account from your cell phone

Bring your bills to BBVA with just a photo

  • Account with no administration or maintenance fees.
  • Debit card with no fees.
  • Free online transfers.
  • Withdraw cash free of charge at over 6,000 BBVA ATMs.

More info

Turn your cards on and off

You can't find your card? Deactivate it temporarily and activate it again when you find it Do you want to limit some of its operations?
Chooses which! Everything is possible from the option “limit operations” in your app.

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Pay with your cell phone

Are you one of those people who always carry their cell phone with them?
Then you'll always be able to pay with BBVA Wallet.

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Withdraw cash at your ATM
without a card

Do you need some cash and you aren't carrying your card?
It doesn't matter. Select the "mobile cash" option in your BBVA app to send money to any of our ATMs and withdraw it without your card.

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Bring your bills
with just a photo

Have you just arrived at BBVA and you want to re-direct debit your bills? Now you can. Take a photo of them with your cell phone and that's it. As easy as that!

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