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    Here, we will explain which documents you need to send to bbvatarjetas.es@bbva.com to continue with your Credit Card application:

    If you are an employee
    1. ID Document (NIF, NIE or Passport).
    2. Last salary payment.

    If you are self-employed
    1. ID Document (NIF, NIE or Passport).
    2. Last Personal Income Tax declaration (Validated by the Spanish Tax Agency, Financial Entity or the digital proof of receipt).

    Next STEPS:
    1. Review of sent documentation.
    2. If it is all correct, you will receive an alert on bbva.es or the BBVA app and an email to tell you that the contractual documentation is available for you.
    3. If the documentation is incorrect or if there has been a problem with your application, we will contact your via email or telephone within 5 working days.

    Thank you for trusting in BBVA!

    The credit card application does not implicate any type of approval from BBVA, nor does it imply that it will be authorized to you. BBVA may reject the operation after assessing the specific circumstances of each case.

    Download PDF with summary

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