Ingreso Express Card

Ingreso Express Card

Enters the collection daily of your business in an immediate way , comfortable and at no additional cost.

  • Your employees and suppliers be able to do you daily income of your business in more than 6,000 BBVA ATMs.

  • You allows carry out income in a sure way , in cualquer moment (24 hours of the day, 365 days a year) and at no additional cost.

  • Contract your Ingreso Express Card in a BBVA BRANCH (1)

How does it work?

With the exclusive Ingreso Express card, you or your employees can deposit the daily takings directly into your business' account, at any time of the day at all the ATMs that have the "ingresador” logo.

Modalities and limits

  • With the Ingreso Express Card, for the cards anonymous, have a maximum limit of income of 1,000€ daily newspapers. 
  • The cards nominative, on the other hand, not see affected by the daily limit of 1,000€.

See legal notice.


  • Only allows do income. 
  • Not is possible nor consult movements nor pay.


  • Carries out income in any BBVA ATM and in an immediate way.
  • You can make deposits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At no additional cost

  • Operate with this card not entails no cost.