BBVA Business Card

BBVA Business Card

The BBVA Business Card is designed to make it easier for self-employed workers and small businesses and their employees to manage their expenses. It includes accident and travel insurance at no additional cost.

  • You can select a spending limit and a payment method.

  • Control spending for your company and for its employees.

  • Travel accident and assistance insurance at no additional cost.

Greater flexibility:

The BBVA Business Card is adapted to suit your needs.

  • You can set a different limit for expenses on each card and restrict their use at ATMs by setting a limit of amounts to be withdrawn.
  • You can choose the payment method that best suits you: total repayment at month end or deferred payment, with a percentage of the outstanding balance or a fixed monthly amount.

Spending control:

  • For the company: be able to control the expense through a report personalized through Net Cash and receive daily files with the movientos of the cards.
  • For the employee: be able to consult your movements in BBVA's ATMs, through bbva.es and through the statement monthly.

More security:

The BBVA Business Card has various free insurance and services to ensure that you are protected at all times: 

  • Travel Insurance: If you rent a car or buy tickets, you and those travelling with you will be fully covered during all the trips you make during your journey.
  • Travel Assistance: Includes coverage of damages and loss of luggage, delays in flights and even medical care abroad.
  • Emergency Services Abroad: You will be provided with emergency funds in the event of loss or theft of the card abroad.