BBVA Travel Insurance

BBVA Travel Insurance

So you can enjoy the trip of your dreams with full peace of mind. With this insurance product, you will have guaranteed protection to cover medical fees, medical care, telephone support and finding lost luggage. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

  • Healthcare and medical fees, including dentistry.
  • Transfers and repatriation.
  • No deductibles.
  • Up to 12 insureds per policy.


Common coverage

  • Medical care: All types of policies cover medical fees abroad, up to a limit that is dependent on the area you are traveling to:

- Europe: €30,000.

- World (except USA and Canada): 50,000€.

- Everybody (including USA and Canada): €100,000.

  • Transfers and repatriation:

- Medical transfer due to illness or accident.

- Transfer of mortal remains.

If you have an extended policy

You will also have the protection of the entire range of this coverage, as set forth in your contract.

  • Luggage:

- Search for and tracking of lost luggage.

- Theft of checked luggage (max. Euros 900) and non-checked luggage (up to Euros 60 per object, with a maximum of Euros 600).

  • Travel disruption:

- Cost of returning early due to the hospitalization or death of a relative.

- Refund of up to Euros 900 for abandoned vacations (if a trip that has already begun is canceled due to risks covered by the insurance policy).

  • Telephone advisory services:

- Medical advice service.

- Information and facts available 24 hours a day about the tourist destination (accommodation, auto repair shops, local life, etc.).

- Legal advisory services.

  • Other services:

- Extending a trip due to accident or illness (Euros 90 day/max. 10 days).

- Travel and hotel stays for a companion (Euros 90 day/max. 10 days).

- Accompanying minors and dependents who are traveling alone.

- Cash advance abroad (up to Euros 1,000).

What is it?

This insurance product enables you to insure your trips abroad and gives you the peace of mind of being able to access medical assistance whilst traveling. All the guarantees and coverage provided by this insurance product will be detailed in your contract, where any exclusions and limits to these guarantees and coverage will also be explained.

There are two types of insurance policy:

  • Basic policy: covers medical assistance, medical transfer and repatriation. 
  • Extended policy: as well as the coverage provided by a basic policy, extended policies include coverage for luggage, travel disruption, information and telephone advisory services.

What other features does it have?

  • You can insure trips abroad of up to 90 days
  • The policy is payable in a single installment.
  • No deductibles: you will not have to pay an additional amount to receive services. 

Who can take out one of these policies?

  • In order to take out a policy you must be over 18, hold a Tax ID Card or a Residency Card (passports are not allowed) and have your primary residence in Spain.
  • Up to 12 insureds can be included in the same policy (including the policyholder), which has no minimum or maximum age limits. To be added to the policy, individuals must live in Spain and hold a Tax ID Card or Residency Card (passports are not allowed). Minors do not have to have either of the above two ID Cards.

What must I do in the event of an incident?

If an event occurs that is covered by your policy, you must contact us as soon as possible on +34 91 991 59 04 (service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

In order to identify you and so we can act as swiftly as possible, you must tell us about the circumstances of the event and what type of assistance you are requesting, and provide us with your policy number, full name, current location and contact telephone number.

For general inquiries once you have taken out a policy, you can call 91 224 99 75 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm).

Any questions?

See the product's General Terms and Conditions for more information.

BBVA Travel Insurance, extended policy: open document

BBVA Travel Insurance, basic policy: open document




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