BBVA Third-party Basic Insurance

BBVA Third-party Basic Insurance

An insurance for people like you, who want to insure their vehicle and protect its occupants.

  • Door to door service at no cost for the first year.

  • We respect your no-claims bonuses.

  • Pay your insurance month to month with the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan.


Civil Liability
  • Arising from driving the insured vehicle: compulsory, voluntary (€50,000,000 limit), for transported objects (€100,000), resulting from fire (€600,000) and for towing and caravans up to 750 Kg.
Personal accidents of the driver and occupants
  • Healthcare guaranteed until 1 year later of the date that has happened the accident, in private schools (maximum of 3,000€ in centers of free choice).
  • Accidental Permanent Disability: up to 30,000 €.
  • Accidental death: up to 30,000 €. 

Protection as a Pedestrian and Cyclist
  • You will be covered if you cause an accident in these circumstances with damages to third parties: Civil Liability (limit €60,000) as well as Defense and Claims.
Accessories (extras)
  • Automatic coverage of accessories built into the vehicle when it leaves the car dealership, without the need to make additions to the policy.
Processing fines
  • Administrative proceedings, including appeals.
Legal defense and damage claim bail
  • Legal defense and damage claims (up to €600). 
  • Financing up to €35,000.
Free Choice of Repair garage
  • You can choose any repair garage you like or use our network of recommended garages, for repairs in a radius of 100 km in roadside assistance.
Vehicle and occupants road assistance: from Km 0 and tow-away recovery
  • We send you, from km 0, a tow-truck or a repair car to repair your vehicle in situ wherever you are (provided that its access is legal and possible) in a maximum of 50 minutes, within the national territory. 
  • Towing of vehicle: up to 100 km. 
  • The territorial scope of this coverage is worldwide for assistance to people, and Europe and other countries bordering the Mediterranean in the case of the vehicle.

  • In the event of total loss or disappearance of your insured vehicle, the contract shall be extinguished and you will have the right to receive the premium of the period underway not used.
  • Territorial scope: the coverage types are applicable throughout the territory of the European Economic Area and in the countries adhering to the International Green Card Agreement, except in the case of guarantees where the scope is expressly specified. 

Which are your main features ?

  • Insurable vehicles:
    • Standard family cars (and their derivatives), four-wheel drive vehicles and minivans.
    • Vans and commercial vehicles up to 3,500 Kg. of authorized weight.
  • Duration : it is an annual, renewable insurance policy.
  • Payment method : the first premium will be paid at the time of formalizing the contract. If it include in BBVA Plan EstarSeguro , it pay monthly and save from the second surely have in your Plan.
  • Cancellation : until one month prior to expiration with no additional cost.

What are the necessary requirements?

Be person over 21 years old and have at least 2 years of seniority of the driving license.

What is the deadline for applying?

At any time. You can contract it up to 9 months before the expiry of your current insurance, and we respect the price that we offer you today.

Information Document on Insurance Products

Here can learn more on the main features of BBVA Coche INSURANCE. The law requires us to provide a standard document with information on the insurance, so we are making available this sheet with more specific information so you can understand its characteristics.

BBVA Coche INSURANCE: open document

General conditions

See the product's General Terms and Conditions for more information. Remember that this document is for information purposes only. You will receive your contract documents during the contract process.

BBVA Coche INSURANCE: open document

Insurance companies



BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, S.A. registered in the Special Administrative Registry of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General For Insurance And Pension Funds under the registration number OV-0060. With liability insurance arranged and sufficient financial resources.

More info

To benefit from the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you must sign up for the interest-free, commission-free BBVA EstarSeguro Plan card, with no extra costs. Card subject to prior approval by BBVA.