Health Insurance for SMEs

Health Insurance for SMEs

Taking care of your employees' health is taking care of your company's health.

  • Comprehensive healthcare, diagnostic tests and hospitalization for your company's employees.

  • Access to a medical profile with 45,000 professionals and more than 1,200 centers private.

  • Choose your preferred practitioner with the option of Reimbursement.

  • *Promotion: If contracts the Health Insurance for SMEs, before the February 1, 2020, you be able to benefit of a saving of 10% forever.

Chooses between these three modalities:

  • BBVA Salud Pymes: comprehensive health care through the Sanitas network.
  • BBVA Salud Pymes Reimbursement: includes the same coverage as BBVA Salud Pymes and you are also refunded up to 80% of your yearly medical expenses that are not included in the coverage chart. The maximum yearly refund amount is €150,000.
  • BBVA Health SMEs with Copayment.

Cost of the premium:

  • Salud Pymes: €53.46/month for groups of between 5 and 15 insured parties and €50.79/month for groups of between 16 and 50 insured parties.
  • Salud Pymes Reimbursement: €74.98/month for groups of 5 to 15 policyholders, and €71.23/month for groups of 16 to 50 policyholders.
  • Health SMEs with Copayment: for associations between 5 and 15 policyholders, 40€/month (until 64 years) and 65€/month (more than 64 years). For associations between 16 and 50 policyholders, 38€/month (until 64 years) and 61.90€/month (more than 64 years).

Duration: renewable on a yearly basis.

Payment method: BBVA Salud health insurance is paid on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis by direct debit from the company's account. 

Period in which it is not yet possible to receive the coverage only in the event of childbirth, with a period of 8 months. 

What are the necessary requirements?

  • For SMEs (with a Company Tax Code) with a minimum of five insured parties.
  • The insured parties covered by the policy may be employees of the company or relatives of the same.
  • To apply, policyholders must be between 0 and 75 years of age for BBVA Salud Pymes and 64 for BBVA Salud Pymes Reimbursement.
  • Insured parties must fill in a simple health questionnaire and, if necessary, they will be asked to take a health survey over the phone or complete a medical examination.
  • There is not a maximum age to terminate the insurance.

Terms and Conditions of the promotion

If contracts the Health Insurance for SMEs, before the February 1, 2020, you be able to benefit of a saving of 10% forever.*

* Offer valid for new policies contracted until the 02/01/2020. Discount implementable in the annual premium of the insurance while the policy is in force.

The coverage included in the two modes is:

  • Highly comprehensive healthcare.
  • Surgical operations.
  • Drugstore.
  • Healthcare in the US
  • Temporary disability coverage for the manager.
  • Dental.
  • Ligament transplants.
  • Emergency service and 24-hour Medical Care.
  • Special home-based healthcare.
  • Bariatric surgery.
  • Radio-neurosurgery.
  • Reimbursement of expenses.

Devote all your time and effort to your business. BBVA Salud Pymes will take care of your employees' health. A complete insurance, thanks to a leader as Sanitas, that gives total healthcare: hospital, non-hospital and diagnostic tests.

Advantages for your employees

  • Access to a wide medical pool: with more than 45,000 professionals and 1,200 centers private across Spain.
  • Includes dental coverage and refunds for 50% of pharmacy costs up to a limit of €200/insured party/year.
  • Digital coverage with a 24-hour video medical appointment service: psychologists, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. Home delivery of medications from the pharmacy, with no cost for the employee.
  • Family support with help for the policyholder if he or she is hospitalized or housebound due to illness (support in basic household chores, accompanying minors to school, etc.).
  • Employees of companies that take out Health Insurance can deduct the premiums they pay up to a limit of €500 per person per year. 

Advantages for your company

Taking out the BBVA Salud Pymes policy is not only good for your employees. It also provides many advantages for your company.

  • You can cut the amount of time your employees have to wait to access health care services.
  • Strengthen the commitment with your business and with your employees.
  • Insurance policies can be taken out for employees and their relatives (for a minimum of five insured parties). And we apply a further reduced price for applications that include more than 15 policyholders.
  • The cost of insurance is income tax deductible, provided the conditions set forth in tax legislation are complied with (1).

Remember that, in accordance with current legislation, employees of companies that take out Health Insurance will be able to deduct any payments made up to a limit of €500 per year per person (except in Alava, Guipuzcoa and Vizcaya).

See legal notice

The amount of the insurance can be deductible in the Corporation Tax provided that the conditions established in the tax regulations are fulfiled.

Information Document on Insurance Products

Here you can find out more about the main features of the BBVA Salud Pymes Insurance. The law requires us to provide a standard document with information on the insurance, so we are making available this sheet with more specific information so you can understand its characteristics. 

BBVA Salud Pymes: open document

BBVA Salud Pymes Reimbursement: open document

Insurance Company

Product co-insured by 50% by BBVA Seguros, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros and Sanitas, S.A. de Seguros. Both companies are registered in the Registry of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds under code number C-0502 and C-320, respectively. 


BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, S.A. Society registered in theSpecial Administrative Registry under code number OV-0060. Civil Liability Insurance arranged with sufficient financial resources.