BBVA Motorbike Insurance

BBVA Motorbike Insurance

An insurance that allows you to cover the damages caused to your motorbike and its occupants, as well as to other vehicles and their occupants in the event of an accident.

Designed for those who want to insure against the risks of using their motorcycle with an engine that has over 100 cc and under 150 hp, or their moped (up to 50 cc).

  • You will be able to choose from among 5 types of insurance policies.
  • A wide range of coverage and the option to take out the Improved Pack (with more coverage types and expansion of the existing limits).

  • Pay your insurance month to month with the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan.


Basic protection
Fire and Theft
Personal damages vehicle (for total loss)
Personal damages vehicle (for collision third parties)
Personal damages vehicles (for any cause)
Third-party Basic

Third parties Theft + Fire
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Third parties Theft + Fire + Damages (total loss)
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Third parties theft + Fire + Damages with opposites
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Comprehensive with Franchise
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What includes the protection basic?

Civil Liability

Arising from driving the insured vehicle:

  • Compulsory for damages to the people: until 70,000,000€.
  • Volunteer as guarantee optional: until 50,000,000€.
  • For objects transported: until 100,000€.

Derived from fire until 600,000€.

Personal accidents of the driver and the occupants

  • Healthcare guaranteed until 1 year later of the date in which has happened the accident, in private schools (maximum of 3,000€ in centers of free choice).
  • Permanent disability by chance: up to 30,000 €.
  • For death in accident: up to 30,000 €. 

Roadside assistance

  • For the vehicle: you send a crane or a car workshop from the km 0, provided that the access is possible, in a maximum of 50 minutes. Additionally can choose the workshop that want, or use our network of workshops recommended for repairs in a radio of 100 km.
  • For the occupants: assistance world. 

Protection as a pedestrian and cyclist

If cause an accident with damages to third parties, the insurance covers the Legal Liability (with a limit of 60,000€) and also the defense and claim for damages.

What me cover the rest of guarantees?

Fire and theft

Covers the damages that can suffer the insured motorbike as a result of fire ray or explosion (partial damages or total loss) and for theft (total loss).

Personal damages of the vehicle for total loss

You compensate, until the insured limit, for the total loss that can suffer the motorbike as a result of an accident.

Personal damages of the vehicle for collision with third parties

You compensate, until the insured limit, for the damages suffered for the motorbike as a result of a collision with vehicles, people or animals.

Personal damages of the vehicle for any cause

You compensate, until the insured limit, for the damages partial or the total loss that can suffer the insured motorbike as a result of an accident. 

Except in the modality third parties basic, in all the modalities there is a franchise (an amount economic that the policyholder owes pay in every loss) of 15%, with a minimum of 300€ for loss. That is, if had a loss valued at 3,000€, owe pay 15% of the amount (450€), but if was less than 2,000€, have to pay the minimum amount (300€).

What are its main features?

  • You can choose from 5 insurance formats, from a Basic Third-Party to a Comprehensive insurance with Excess(1). An excess is the amount of money that, in the event of an accident, the policyholder must pay according to what they have contracted in their policy.
  • In all the formats, you can take out the Improved Pack, with more coverages and extensions to the limits of the existing ones:
    • Defense and damage claims: capital increase until 3,000€.
    • Accidents of the driver and occupants: capital increase for death and permanent disability (30,000€) and of healthcare (until 6,000€) in centers of free choice.
    • Helmet replacement due to breakage if the driver is injured, up to €400.
    • Free choice of repair garage in Spain, France, Portugal and Andorra.
  • The accessories installed in the vehicle when leaving the car dealership are automatically covered.
  • The insurance is renewable annually.
  • In the event of total loss or disappearance of your insured vehicle, the contract shall be extinguished and you will have the right to receive the premium of the period underway not used.
  • Payment method: the first premium will be paid at the time of formalizing the contract. If you include it in the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you will make monthly payments and save from the second insurance policy included in your Plan.

Information Document on Insurance Products

Here can learn more on the main features of Sure Motorbike BBVA. The law requires us to provide a standard document with information on the insurance, so we are making available this sheet with more specific information so you can understand its characteristics.

Sure Motorbike BBVA: open document

General conditions

See the product's General Terms and Conditions for more information. Remember that this document is for information purposes only. You will receive your contract documents during the contract process.

Sure Motorbike BBVA: open document

Insurance companies



BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, S.A. registered in the Special Administrative Registry of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General For Insurance And Pension Funds under the registration number OV-0060. With liability insurance arranged and sufficient financial resources.

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To benefit from the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you must sign up for the interest-free, commission-free BBVA EstarSeguro Plan card, with no extra costs. Card subject to prior approval by BBVA.