Technological Renting

Technological Renting

Access the latest technology at a highly competitive price.

  • You could exchange, increase, or modify your business equipment in a simple, flexible way.

  • Check out the different types of equipment and choose the one which best suits your needs.



  • Leasing of equipment selected. The leasing term for equipment is between 12 and 60 months.
  • It eliminates any risk of technological obsolescence, as you can renew and adapt the equipment according to future changes.
  • The payment is a current expense. Thus, it does not freeze or consume financial resources, which can be allocated to other investments. Simplifies account management.
  • It improves your expense planning and control. A single fee covers the leasing of the asset and the associated services.
  • It increases your working capital and ROA.
  • It saves time, procedures and management costs associated with the purchase, contract and maintenance of equipment.
  • Payments are tax deductible.

Services included

  • It includes comprehensive insurance with replacement of equipment in the event of damage.
  • Damage claims management.
  • It includes the option to upgrade the equipment during the term of the contract.
  • Service of remarketing old equipment.

Optional services

  • Online management of your IT equipment: Online access to all the information corresponding to the leased equipment, as well as the allocation of costs for each piece of equipment, contracts and invoices.

Leasing of Computer equipment

IT Leasing is an all-inclusive solution. It permits companies not only to use and enjoy their IT equipment, but also to enjoy added value services, which are adapted to the features of the IT equipment.

Renting medical equipment

Developments in technology, which affect medical equipment, as well as the increase in VAT applied to the purchase of this type of equipment (currently between 10% and 21%) places Leasing at the same or an even better position than other financial products when acquiring this technology.

Leasing for energy efficiency

The use of new technologies in the energy saving sector, such as LED or optic fiber, is generating significant saving in energy consumption (between 40% and 70%), and, at the same time, providing greater services than conventional equipment.

A Leasing contract will permit you to afford the investment by means of a monthly payment which, together with the energy saving that comes with the change, will permit you to save from the first day, without the need to make any initial investment.

Renting fitness equipment

One of the main difficulties facing the fitness sector is the need to make large investments in equipment for new projects or even for improvements to existing projects.

Leasing will permit you to afford the investment and adapt to changes and developments in technology by hiring the equipment.

Leasing of machinery

Companies in the catering, retail and industrial sectors are opting for this type of service that permits them to use and enjoy all types of machinery and equipment and receive assistance when changing this equipment once the contract has finished.