Promotion PLAN C

Promotion PLAN C

Get 100€ with the Plan C of BBVA. Do you customer through the website or the cell phone and pays by direct debit a salary equal to or more than 800€ in your new Online Account or Blue Account Online.

  • Do you customer before the July 31 2018.

  • Just the first 15,000 new accounts have prize.

  • Uses the Code: PLANC in the process of customer registration.

  • Permanence of salary: 12 months.

Online Account + PromotionBlue Account + Promotion

In what consists the Promotion?

Campaign for NEW Customers of BBVA. Owe open an Online Account Without Fees or a Blue Account online and pay by direct debit a salary equal to or more than 800€. And if fulfill the conditions of the promotion receive 100€ in your account.

What conditions owe that fulfill for obtain the prize?

  • Have more than 18 years and be living in Spain. 
  • Not be customer of BBVA
  • Not have caused cancellation as customer BBVA during the six previous months in the beginning of the Promotion.
  • Carry out the registration via cell phone (mobile and app website) or website (url) and use the code promotional: PLANC.
  • Pay by direct debit a Salary in your new account online or account Blue Online BBVA equal to or more than 800€. 
  • Not is valid pension or unemployment provisions, nor the sumatorio of several Salaries.
  • Once the account is registered and already can operate with her, have a maximum term of three months for pay by direct debit your salary.
  • Keep your salary (equal to or more than 800€) during at least 12 months from the reception of the first salary.

How much hard one this promotion?

  • Beginning: June 1, 2018 to 12.00 (local time in mainland Spain Spanish).
  • End: July 31, 2018 to 23:59 (local time in mainland Spain Spanish).
  • Or up to a maximum of 15,000 new accounts.

When bill the prize?

When BBVA certifies that have direct billing a salary equal to or more than 800€ and that fulfill the rest of conditions of the promotion. 

The maximum time of on sale are 6 months from the first reception of the salary in your account Online without BBVA fees.

Legal bases

View terms and conditions here.