BBVA Matrícula Blue loan

BBVA Matrícula Blue loan

With the loan Registration Blue BBVA be able to finance the registration of your university studies .

  • Fixed interest rate of 0% NIR (APR 9.44%)
  • Up to €6,000 and a term of 9 months
  • You can choose to not pay any fees for the first 6 months



  • The account holders for the loan must have an account with BBVA to be able to direct debit their loan fees through that account.
  • The applicant must be younger than 30 years old when applying.


  • Pay for your university or postgraduate tuition.

Interest rate:

  • Fixed interest rate 0% NIR (APR 9.44%).
  • You can choose not to pay fees during the 6 first months: grace period on capital and interest.
  • There is no need to arrange payment of your salary or benefits to enjoy this interest rate.
  • Granting subject to approval by BBVA.


  • €3,000 minimum and €6,000 maximum.


  • Between 3 and 9 months.
  • You can choose not to pay fees during the 6 first months: grace period on capital and interest.

Online loan fees:

  • Commitment fee: 3% on the amount taken out (€30 minimum).
  • Appraisal fee: 0.50% on the amount taken out.
  • Partial or complete cancellation fee—if you cancel part or all of your loan before the term ends: 0.50% on the amount to be paid off.

Until when can it be taken out?

Offer valid until the 09/30/2019.

NIR 0% (APR 9.44%)
Amount of the loan €3,000
Total term
9 months
Commitment fee 3% (minimum €30) on the amount borrowed
Appraisal fee (0.50%) on the amount borrowed
Total amount
Monthly fee

Postage costs have been included in the calculation of APR: €0.60 monthly.

  • You must use financing responsibly in order to be able to cover the repayments and thus avoid possible surcharges in the form of fees or interest.
  • In the event of delays in the monthly repayment, the corresponding late payment fees will be applied.
  • Before signing the contract, you will receive the European standardized information on consumer credit.
  • For reasons of caution and liability in the granting of loans, the bank may request the operation to be arranged before a notary.
  • You have the right to withdraw from the loan contract within 14 calendar days of its execution, at no additional cost.


  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): interest rate that indicates the actual cost or yield of a financial product. The APR is calculated based on a standardized mathematical formula that takes into consideration the nominal interest rate of the operation, the frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), the bank fees and some operation expenses.
  • Nominal interest rate (NIR): it is a fixed percentage that is applied to the amount lent and that determines the amount of the installments to be paid to the financial institution.