BBVA Estudios Loan

BBVA Estudios Loan

With the BBVA Estudios Loan, you will be able to finance pre-university, university or third-level studies, both in Spain and abroad.

  • Fixed interest of 4.5% NIR (APR 4.64%).
  • Up to €75,000 and a term of 8 years.
  • No commitment fee.


Interest rate of the loan studies:

  • Fixed interest rate of 4.50% NIR (APR 4.64%).
  • This interest rate does not require direct depositing of salary or pension benefits.
  • Granting subject to approval by BBVA.

The purpose of BBVA Study Loans:

  • Credit for paying your pre-university, university or college studies, both in Spain and abroad. Apply for it online.

Requirements university student loan:

  • All account holders for the loan (parents and children) must have an account at BBVA.


  • From €3,000 to €75,000.
  • Provision: At the time of the application of the loan studies, owe point out the total that request although go to have the same one in different courses or periods. Thus every year have to communicate to your BBVA branch what amount of the total of the university student loan want arrange and justify it with the introduction of proforma bill, registration, rental contracts, etc.

Term of the university student loan:

  • Total term: From 1 to 8 years.
  • Period of grace period for repayment of principal (between 1 and 5 years): During this period, which can be no longer than the duration of the studies, the customer can make provisions on the total amount granted. The monthly payments during this period only correspond to payment of the interest generated by the amounts actually requested, and there is no repayment of principal. Once the grace period has ended, no more drawdowns against the amount granted for the loan may be made.
  • Repayment period: Once the deferment period has ended the repayment period begins. This period will be calculated by subtracting the deferment period from the total term of the loan. The monthly payments will then include payment of interest as well as repayment of the principal borrowed.


  • With no appraisal fee.
  • Total or partial cancellation fees:
    • 0.50% on the amount to cancel if are less than 12 months for pay the loan online for studies.
    • 1% of the amount to cancel if there are more than 12 months remaining.

Until when can it be taken out?

Offer valid until the 09/30/2019.

BBVA Estudios Loan Interest rate 4.50% NIR (4.64% APR)
Amount Requested €9,000
Term Total 5 years
Waiting period 3 years
Repayment period
2 years
Fees Waiting period fees of 34.40€* or 33.29€ depending the days of the month (Total interests of lack: 1,217.31€)
Repayment period 24 fees of 392.83€
Total amount to refund 10,681.25€

The APR was calculated taking into account postage expenses: €0.60 monthly.

(*) * The fee of interests monthly can vary depending on the days of the month corresponding to the on sale.

We want you to achieve your goals easily, and that's why give you the answers you need:

Applying for a loan is very easy 

  • Calculate your payments using our calculator. 
  • Fill in the application form. 
  • Once we receive the form, we will contact you to request some additional information. 
  • We will use all of this information to analyze the transaction. If all the information is correct and BBVA approves the loan then all you have to do is sign. 
  • And you can receive your loan 24 hours after you sign. 

How long does it take to get a loan? 

Since receive your form, the term approximate is of 2 weeks, depending on the agility for achieve the documents and the coordination of the appointments with the manager.

  • You must use financing responsibly in order to be able to cover the repayments and thus avoid possible surcharges in the form of fees or interest.
  • In the event of delays in the monthly repayment, the corresponding late payment fees will be applied. Non-payment may cause serious consequences (such as forced sale) and hinder the acquisition of a credit.
  • Before signing the contract, you will receive the European standardized information on consumer credit.
  • For reasons of caution and liability in the granting of loans, the bank may request the operation to be arranged before a notary.
  • You are entitled to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 calendar days from entering into the contract, at no extra cost.


  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): interest rate that indicates the actual cost or yield of a financial product. The APR is calculated based on a standardized mathematical formula that takes into consideration the nominal interest rate of the operation, the frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), the bank fees and some operation expenses.
  • Nominal interest rate (NIR): it is a fixed percentage that is applied to the amount lent and that determines the amount of the installments to be paid to the financial institution.