BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

With the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you can group the payment for your BBVA insurance policies, pay on a monthly basis, and save on your bill:

  • Contract it and group payments for all of your BBVA insurance policies.

  • Split the payment from the first insurance policy and pay month by month.

  • Save from the second included insurance policy. Up to 15%! 

  • Include your insurance, with no cost nor long-term commitment.

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What is it?

With the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, group the payment for your BBVA insurance policies into one single bill, split the payment over 12 months from the first insurance policy you include and you can save up to 15% (from the second insurance policy included).

The process is carried out with a virtual card specially designed for this purpose, which includes no issuance or maintenance fees, and enables you to split all of your insurance policy payments into monthly installments.

What insurance policies can be included?

The insurance policies that can be added to a BBVA EstarSeguro Plan are as follows: 

  • Home insurance.
  • Health insurance and health insurance for self-employed individuals (except SME health insurance policies).
  • Car and motorbike insurance (except those that are not co-insured with Liberty).
  • Life insurance (except savings plans, policies linked to single-premium mortgages, policies linked to consumer financing and CX Vida Colectivo and CX Vida 3+3 insurance products).
  • Accident insurance (except BBVA Accident Protection Insurance) and ILT (Temporary Incapacity For Work). 

You can include more than one insurance policy for the same product (for example, two car insurance policies), provided you are the policy holder.

How do I include the insurance policies?

If you do not have any insurance policies, you must register for the Plan before taking out your insurance policy. In this way, you will start to make monthly payments for your policy straight away. 

Once you have your Plan, whenever you take out a new insurance policy, we will ask you whether you want to include it. 

Plus, you will always have the option to include your BBVA insurance policies at a later date, easily from the BBVA app or website.

When are the insurance policies activated in the Plan?

Once an insurance policy is activated, you start to pay for it on a monthly basis, and increase your percentage savings (the more insurance policies you have, the greater the savings you could make).

If you include them when taking out the contract of the policy, it will be activated when each of the policies becomes effective.

If you decide to include them later, or wish to include insurance policies you have already taken out, each one will be activated on its respective renewal date (since you have already paid the annual premium for the policy), or on the payment date of the next bill of the current insurance policy annuity (for example, an insurance policy paid in installments: half-yearly, quarterly, etc).

How much can I save?

The greater the number of insurance policies that you include, the greater the savings, up to 15% on all included policies. Start saving 5% on your bill from the second insurance policy included. 

Number of insurance policies included Saving percentage
2 5%
3 7%
4 9%
5 10%
6 11%
7 12%
8 13%
9 14%
10 or more 15%

Monthly bill and saving calculation

To calculate the monthly bill and the discounts the insurance policies included and active in the Plan are considered. For example, if you have two car insurance policies activated, with annual premiums of €360 and €420 respectively, each month you will pay 1/12 of the annuity for each of them, i.e. €65 (€30 and €35). But since there are two insurance policies activated we would apply a 5% discount, meaning that each month you would pay €61.75, for a savings of €39 per year.

The % of saving and the monthly bill will be updated as the insurance policies are activated. For example, if you sell one of your cars and you no longer need the €420 policy, at this point your monthly bill will drop down to €30, without any discounts.

Insurance companies

  • Home, Life and ILT (Temporary Incapacity For Work): BBVASEGUROS, S.A., de Seguros y Reaseguros. 
  • Health: co-insured at the rate of 50% between BBVASEGUROS, S.A., de Seguros y Reaseguros and SANITAS S.A. de Seguros.  
  • Car: co-insured at the rate of 50% between BBVASEGUROS, S.A., de Seguros y Reaseguros and LIBERTY Seguros S.A. COMPAÑÍA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS, S.A.


BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADO, S.A. listed on the Special Administrative Register of Insurance Brokers. of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds under reference OV-0060. With Civil Liability Insurance arranged and sufficient financial resources.

More info

To enjoy the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you need to sign up for the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan card, free of interest charges, fees or extra costs. Card subject to prior approval by BBVA.