BBVA Repatriación Insurance

BBVA Repatriación Insurance

The peace of mind of knowing that no matter what, you will be in good hands. Intended for foreigners resident in our country who want to ensure a capital payment in the event of death due to accident, as well as transfer in the event of death to their place of origin.

  • Simple and immediate contracting.
  • Includes repatriation of relatives who have passed away in the same accident as the policyholder.


The coverages offered by the insurance are as follows:

Death by Accident of the Policyholder Capital to be paid to the beneficiaries: €16,600
Relocation or Repatriacion in the event of death
Relocation of the mortal remains of the Policyholder from the country in which had produced the death until the international airport closer to the town of inhumation of the country of repatriation.
Funeral or burial expenses not included.
Reception and Relocation until the final destination to the home country in the event of death
Reception of the mortal remains and relocation until the town of inhumation or funeral parlor assigned.
Limit: €1,500
Escort mortal remains in the event of death

Guarantee of transfer or repatriation of relatives who have passed away in the same accident as the policyholder
Relatives are understood to mean: spouse or unmarried partner, parents and dependent children under 25 who live in the same place of residence as the Policyholder.

What requirements must be met to contract the insurance?

  • Have between 14 and 64 years actuarial (63 years and 6 months).

What is the deadline for applying?

You can purchase this product under the terms and conditions described here, up until the last day of the month in progress. After that date, please consult the new terms and conditions or contact your BBVA Contigo adviser.

What other information do I need to know?

  • Cost: €52 per year.
  • Contractible capital: €16,600.
  • Territorial scope: European Union countries plus Andorra, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.
  • The limits specified in the guarantees for this contract are understood to be the maximum cumulative amounts during a single year.
  • It is an annual and renewable insurance.

Information Document on Insurance Products

Here can learn more on the main features of BBVA Repatriación Mini Insurance. The law requires us to provide a standard document with information on the insurance, so we are making available this sheet with more specific information so you can understand its characteristics.

BBVA Repatriación Mini Insurance: open document

General conditions

See the product's General Terms and Conditions for more information.

BBVA Repatriación Mini Insurance: open document

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