BBVA Asistencia Legal Insurance

BBVA Asistencia Legal Insurance

Have the assurance of professional assistance to resolve all your legal questions and problems.

  • Immediate and simple contracting.
  • Take advantage of legal and tax-related advice within Spain, according to the coverage terms found in the policy.
  • Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The coverages offered by the insurance are as follows:

Legal and tax advice by phone Hours from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday, and maximum term of telephonic response of 24 hours (except bank holidays and weekends). Relating to personal matters and within circumstances provided for by Spanish legislation.
Legal assistance by phone 24 hours a day For emergency situations, including traffic accidents, theft, etc.    
Elaboration and review of contracts
This refers to contracts to which the policyholder is a party.
Consumer protection
Up to a maximum of €200 per loss and annuity. 
Access to BBVA Seguros Lawyers' Office Network
If court-related guarantees are excluded or not contracted.
Management of traffic tickets
Up to €300 per loss and annuity.
Assistance with administrative proceedings
Telephone counseling with regard to any type of procedures that need to be carried out before the Public Administration; hours from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.
Access to Administrative Management Network
In case this service is required, the policyholder will enjoy special conditions in the national network of administrative managers who collaborate with BBVA Seguros.
Search of Official Journals and Testra (traffic fines registry bulletin board)
This refers to published penalties and fines in the Policyholder's name.
Defense in labor matters
Defense of the Policyholder as an employee in case of dismissal.
Claim for damages in case of accident
Arising from motor vehicle traffic (as either pedestrian, driver or occupant).
Criminal defense
Both as plaintiff and as defendant in the cases described in the policy.
Defense in the event of divorce/separation
In contentious or mutually agreed procedures. With a 40% deductible, and after 6 months have elapsed from the time of contracting.
Claims relating to automobile repairs in workshops
The minimum litigation amount for this coverage is €200.

What requirements must be met to contract the insurance?

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • There is no maximum age for contracting or permanence requirements.

What other information do I need to know?

  • Cost: €52 per year.
  • Territory: national territory and law.
  • The limits specified in the guarantees for this contract are understood to be the maximum cumulative amounts during a single year.
  • It is an annual and renewable insurance.

Information Document on Insurance Products

Here can learn more on the main features of BBVA Asistencia Legal Mini Insurance. The law requires us to provide a standard document with information on the insurance, so we are making available this sheet with more specific information so you can understand its characteristics.

BBVA Asistencia Legal Mini Insurance: open document

General conditions

See the product's General Terms and Conditions for more information.

BBVA Asistencia Legal Mini Insurance: open document

Insurance company



BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, S.A. registered in the Special Administrative Registry of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General For Insurance And Pension Funds under the registration number OV-0060. With liability insurance arranged and sufficient financial resources.