Discover the advantages that this financing offers your business. Choose the finance method that best suits your business's needs:

  • Property Leasing.

  • Equipment Leasing.


Service geared towards business carrying out commercial, industrial, farming or services activities that require equipment, vehicles, furniture, premises, industrial bays or any other asset.

We will buy the asset that you indicate, from a wide range of countries, so that you can avail of it by paying comfortable rental charges without the need to undertake a major expense. Furthermore, when the lease ends, you will have the option of purchasing the item leased.

We can help you to make the investment you require in personal properties or real estate, achieving considerable tax deductions depending on your tax regime.

  • Possibility of insuring the financed assets to fully cover the capital outstanding in the event of total loss or theft. 
  • Possibility of taking out life insurance associated with the transaction, fully covering the outstanding capital in the event of the death of the holder. 
  • As an alternative to the two previous options, the opportunity to manage the risk of interest rate fluctuations on these financing plans in the short and long term.
  • Amount: from €2,000.


  • A variable interest rate with regular reviews, or a fixed interest rate over the entire lifetime of the financial lease.  
    • Dependent on the leased asset you acquire.
  • Analysis and opening fees vary depending on the chosen format.
  • Early cancellation:
    • If you cancel before the minimum legal term: failure to comply with the minimum term will result in tax costs. Ask your BBVA Adviser.
    • If you cancel after the minimum legal term, a cancellation fee may be applied.


  • You must be self-employed or an SME.
  • You must have an account in BBVA.
  • You must take out insurance on the asset that includes civil liability and loss of the asset and appoint BBVA as payee.
  • Your BBVA Adviser will tell you what documents to submit.
  • The leasing agreement is subject to prior authorization by BBVA.

Benefits for your business

  • It is a medium and long-term financing formula (minimum period 2 years for personal properties and 10 year for real estate), to obtain tax breaks.
  • Payments are a tax deductible expense (subject to limits in some cases).
  • Financing of 100% of the investment amount before tax, since the Leasing consists of the total amount of the invoice excluding VAT/capital gains tax.
  • Execution of the payment of the acquired goods, with the added productivity that they generate.
  • By permitting the supplier to be paid in cash, you can obtain a discount that is advantageous to your financing.
  • Makes accurately calculating operating costs easy.
  • When the lease period ends, you have 3 options:
    • Purchase the asset at its residual value.
    • Sign a new leasing agreement for the asset's residual value.
    • Return the asset to BBVA.
  • You won't need available funds to pay the VAT/IGIC at acquisition time, as this is paid by the Bank. 
  • Defer payment of VAT/IGIC over more than one year: prevents having excess tax to pay in a single year, which is generally not compensated.

It is a financing formula involving financial leasing geared towards businesses carrying out commercial, industrial, farming or services activities, enabling them to finance real estate properties built or under construction pertaining to their activity.

After the financial leasing period ends, you can exercise the call option established in the contract. The minimum period established by law for this type of financing is 10 years.

Tax benefits

  • Early repayment based on the scope of the business and the asset's tax depreciation.
  • For companies whose business entails high third-party taxes, this is compensated by the tax paid via leasing payments.

Multi-purpose property leasing final installment

It is a financing formula using lease financing, with a high final payment (last installment), geared towards businesses carrying out commercial, industrial, farming or services activities in order to facilitate financing of real estate properties built or under construction, which may serve several purposes or uses and may house different commercial or business activities pertaining to their activity.

Provides the opportunity to access better located or larger real estate properties than would be possible with traditional financing and, also, makes it possible to obtain significant tax breaks. The term for these operations is a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 15 years.

Tax benefits:

  • Accelerated repayment.
  • Offsetting of taxes for businesses whose activities pass on significant amounts to tax to third parties. 
  • Cost saving:
    • Purchase and sale: In second transfers, where the exemption was not waived, if the salesperson is subject to tax, the client saves on the property transfer tax (AJD) for the purchase amount.
    • Leasing: For leasing of property that is under construction, the construction period is not part of the contract price and, therefore, no property transfer tax accrues on the financial charge during this period.

Payment schedule leasing

This is for Leasing operations which stipulate an initial period (either because the asset is being built or because the customer has negotiated deferral of payment) and, therefore,we will take care of making the payments to the supplier of the asset , on the corresponding dates until the end of this period.

Finance the purchase of real estate or goods with an initial interest-only (plus tax) repayment period, based on the disbursements made by the bank.

At the end of the contract, the leaseholder client may acquire ownership of the assets by exercising the call option.

Tax benefits:

  • Financial charge is tax deductible (without limits).
  • The excess that is financially settled and not tax deductible, due to the annual limit, is not lost, but can instead be deducted in successive exercises, respecting the same annual limit.
  • The tax paid in payments is compensated with receivables from third parties for business operations.

Financial advantages:

  • The initial period of the payment calendar is not part of the contract price, and there is consequently no property transfer tax (AJD) on this amount.
  • Avoids the advance determination of the planned payment calendar during the initial period, as well as re-settlement due to deviations to the planned intended calendar.

Final leasing payment

This financial leasing formula establishes a high amount for the last leasing payment, reducing the amount to pay in the other payments.

This lets a wide range of costly equipment be financed: printing of graphic artwork, forklift trucks, dumpers, bulldozers, tunneling equipment, cranes, heavy trucks, trailers and semitrailers, trains and carriages, boats and aircrafts.

The minimum term required to receive tax advantages is two years, and the maximum is based on the type of asset.


  • 100% of the investment financed, with or without initial disbursements.
  • Convenient payment method during the financing period, as the payment amount is lower.
  • Tax deductible.
  • Flexibility at leasing expiry:
    • Possibility of paying the last installment and residual value, thus acquiring the asset. 
    • Possibility of refinanciar the pending capital and residual value in a new operation.
    • You will have the possibility of renewing the equipment through the financing of a new leasing operation, delivering the previous one to the distributor on account.

Deferred leasing.

This financing is a leasing formula with a call option, making it possible to finance any movable property, with an initial period with no payments, which depends on the leasing.


  • Total grace period.
    • 6-month full payment exemption period for 3-year leases.
    • 9-month full payment exemption period for 4-year leases.
    • 12-month full payment exemption period for 5-year leases. 
  • 100% financing.
  • With no initial expenditure.
  • VAT for the purchase is paid by the Bank.
  • The financial charge is tax deductible.
  • Self-financed production investment with the yields obtained from using the equipment, with no expenses during the exemption period.


This is a financing formula using lease financing with purchase option, intended for all kind of companies dedicated to farming, forestry and cattle-rearing activities, and that allows the leasing of farming and non-farming machinery, photovoltaic installations or stocks of pigs and cows.

The minimum term to take advantage of the tax breaks is 24 months and the maximum is 6 years for machinery, 5 years for cattle and 14 for photovoltaic plates.


  • These production investments can be self-financed by the yields obtained by using the asset, with no initial disbursement.
  • Payments are tax deductible.
  • Compatible with government subsidy and grant programs. 
  • Lets a formerly unproductive asset become profitable (ceilings or roofing) with earnings guaranteed by law.
  • VAT for the purchase is paid by the Bank.
  • Investment guaranteed against theft of livestock, accidental death and civil liability, as an owner with the Compulsory Livestock Insurance.