International financing

International financing

Carries out your international operations in a sure way , fast and efficient. For this, you offer different alternatives for finance your activity international, through:

  • Highly specialised team in both national and international markets.
  • Financing products for importers, exporters, forfaiting, infrastructures or investment.


If your company matters, have the possibility of finance the payment to your foreign supplier by the total or an amount partial. The duration is from the date of payment by the financial institution to the maturity of the agreed operation. 

This type of credit is in euros or any officially quoted currency and can be applied for by resident or non-resident individuals or legal entities.

Advantages for your company as importer:

  • Minimize finance costs and foreign exchange risks. 
  • Great margin of negotiation to the be able to carry out deferments fee-paying ampler to your suppliers. 
  • Gives you bargaining power to obtain better prices or discounts in the operations, as you can offer to pay in cash.

Advantages for exporters:

  • Avoid commercial, political or exchange rate risks by being paid in cash.
  • The reference rate is usually the EURIBOR, although the LIBOR may also be used for operations in other currencies.

If your company is an exporter, you can request full or partial financing of the payments due for your sales in foreign countries: 

  • Financing the manufacturing period between the time you receive the order and the delivery of the merchandise or service (pre-financing).
  • With post-financing, if your company sells credit, financing that charge procrastinated.

Advantages for your company as exporter:

  • Greater competitiveness by having financing and also minimizing the finance costs and foreign exchange risks derived from the operation.
  • Possibility of carrying out more sophisticated operations with a greater risk that require guaranteeing the credit provided.
  • Liquidity immediate in order develop your plans of sale and manufacture the purchase orders or execute the services with the advance of charge of exports.
  • Knows from the first moment your financial costs .
  • Simplifies the administrative work of management of charge of the operation.

Advantages for your importing customer:

  • To the tell your company with great flexibility financial be able to accept some more interesting terms for your overseas customer. The reference rate will usually be the EURIBOR, although the LIBOR may also be used for operations in other currencies.


  • Put at your disposal the more advantageous financial service related to the Foreign Trade: Medium- and long-term export forfaiting.
  • We saw to buy in cash, without recourse against your company, the documents of money order internationally accepted (letters of credit, promissory notes, letters, guarantees and, in some cases, invoices issued) issued as payment method of your export. 
  • As exporter, finance to your importing customers without get into debt you and eliminated your commercial risk and politician, and cobras in cash the product of the export at the time of the cession. 

We finance investments made by Spanish companies for creation of companies, subsidiaries, or permanent establishments in emerging-market countries, or for their full or partial acquisition, purchase of shares for capital increases, or other asset contributions. 


  • The investing company must have a majority of Spanish capital.
  • The contracts, agreements, commitments and administrative concessions shall be subject to this financing, in which the sole or majority holder is a Spanish company.
  • Only new investments or increases in existing investments may be financed.
  • The beneficiary shall be the foreign company, the recipient of the investment. Loans are granted in any currency admitted to trading on the Madrid Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Financing will have CESCE coverage, for political risks.