Get your invoiced amounts quickly, convert credit sales into cash sales, and secure collection from your customers.

  • Advance collection of transferred credits.

  • Coverage of risk of insolvencies up to 100% of sales (non-recourse factoring).

  • Classification of your clients' solvency (debtors of the factoring agreement).

A financial instrument that enables you to receive the sum of your accounts receivable in advance. Moreover, covers 100% of the insolvency risk of the debtors, through the Factoring Without Recourse.

The services included are:

  • Collection management of transferred credits and information on your sales and receivables. 
  • Advance collection of transferred credits and reduction in bank debt in the financial system (CIRBE risk). 
  • Classification of solvency of your clients and coverage of 100% of the insolvency risk of your debtors, via Non-recourse Factoring.
  • Advance collection of transferred credits. 
  • Reduction of banking indebtedness in light of the financial system (CIRBE risk).
  • Reduction of clients' balances, improving balance sheet ratios.
  • Coverage of risk of insolvencies up to 100% of sales (non-recourse factoring).
  • Classification of your clients' solvency (debtors of the factoring agreement).

See legal notice.

The credits subject to factoring are the derived from the sale of goods, provision of services or works, so much for sales in the national market, as of export and import.


  • For location: national, import, export, and nonresident (if your company and your debtors not have the residence in Spain).
  • For the risk coverage: without recourse or with appeal, that is, if BBVA assumes the default risk or it assume you.
  • For the way of charge: with notification, without notification or of agency (if you carry out the management of the yielded charges). If is notification, inform to your customers that us have yielded the bill. Otherwise, not is information to the customer. 
  • For the existence of advance: can request the advance or not of the bill. In the case of advance, is a cost of financing.
  • For the existence or not of globality of the debtor: involves that, in some cases, BBVA you can ask for the cession of all your turnover on one, several or all the debtors included in the operation.

Interest rate (in the event of financing): is several modalities. Question to your manager.

Amount: according to the needs and the characteristics of the company.

Currency: euros. Can contract in currency. Question to your manager.

The Factoring adapts to your needs and you offers a design customized. Question to your manager through which better adapts to your needs.


  • Commitment fee: you the apply on your limit. 
  • Fee of cession: you the apply on the amount of your assignment credit.

  • Signatures with BBVA in the presence of a notary, the contract that regulates the conditions of the product and the limits of financing with your company. To your maturity, usually yearly, analyze, if applicable, the renewal of the contract. 
  • Refer to BBVA the credits that are object of cession in accordance with the contract. 
  • Depending on the type of documentation and of the circumstances of your company, be able to present it in your office or send it to BBVA through a file with the detail of the same. For this last option, BBVA has a format of file standard that owe send in every cession. 
  • From this moment on, the assignment credits happen to be owned by BBVA that becomes, therefore, in the account holder of the rights of charge.
  • Not deduce the interests, but you pay the advance in your account and according to the modality of on sale charge the interests.

  • Be a SME.
  • Having an account at BBVA. If not have open account in BBVA, ask us on the available choices and your conditions economic.
  • The granting of the Factoring is subject to previous authorization on the part of BBVA, who be able to ask for you collateral securities. Your manager will inform you of the documenración that owe give for the study of this operation.