Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring

Service designed for companies and institutions that want to simplify their supplier payment processes. We take care of everything in the reverse factoring process. 

Through www.bbvanetcash.com you can also make inquiries and send the file with payment orders. Find the security you need with our reverse factoring service.

Your suppliers will be able to operate from any BBVA branch, by phone on 902 55 55 11, and also, through www.bbvanetcash.com they will be able to receive their advance payments, request information and make payment calculations at any time. If your supplier is not yet a customer of BBVA, he/she can also open an account on www.bbvanetadvance.com.

  • Thanks to our reverse factoring service, you can cut your company's costs.
  • Comprehensive coverage for suppliers for risk of non-payment.
  • Carry out operations from any branch, over the phone, or through Online Banking.

Benefits of the reverse factoring service for your company or institution:

  • It will reduce your costs by eliminating or reducing the administrative management of payments.
  • Our reverse factoring service will facilitate the total/partial financing of your payments.
  • It will allow you to create treasury high-points by repurchasing the advances to suppliers.
  • This will help you get financing for suppliers, making it possible for your company or entity to obtain better terms.

For Suppliers that receive advance payment: 

  • Possibility to easily anticipate the receipt of 100% of outstanding invoices with very favorable conditions, without extra documentation nor prior appraisals.
  • Our reverse factoring service guarantees you total coverage of the risk of default, provided that it is anticipated.
  • Without fiscal stamps.
  • It does not use up your own borrowing capacity and it improves balance sheet ratios.
  • Speed in order to access the advance and have use of the money.