BBVA Trader, BBVA's online trading platform

BBVA Trader, BBVA's online trading platform

A platform advanced of trading that you allows operate in a fast way, simple and intuitive from anywhere and device.

  • Fares flexible that adapt automatically to your operations.

  • Wide variety of products: national stock and international, warrants, ETFs, Options and Futures.

  • Increases your knowledge thanks to our training courses.

  • Fares special in national market and international until the 12/31/2019 and a year free of the platform Trader Pro.

I am interested in BBVA Trader

BBVA contract Trader, confirms that want this promotion before the 09/30/2019, and enjoys:

  • Access to the advanced Trader Pro platform for one year free of charge.
  • Special rates: national market for 3€ and international by 10€ until the 12/31/2019*.
  • Promotion valid for existing customers and new customers who do not hold any securities with BBVA.

See legal notice.

  • It is an advanced, agile and intuitive trading platform that adapts to your preferences, based on your investor level and profile.
  • Real-time share price service (streaming) and in-depth market analysis (optional service).
  • Two trading platform options: basic level (BBVA Trader) and advanced level (BBVA Trader Pro). Discover which one suits you best.
  • The basic online platform can be accessed from any mobile device. The advanced platform is fully customizable and lets you set up content how you want.
  • Rates are automatically adapted to suit your transaction level. The more transactions you perform, the less you pay.

You will be able to trade in different markets and instruments:

  • National and international stock. More information.
  • ETFs from the world's main fund managers: index funds that replicate the behavior of the world's main indexes, industries and areas. Filters by type of underlying, category, market, currency, industry and geographical area. More information.
  • Warrants and listed instruments from different issuers: Inline warrants, multi warrants, stay warrants, turbo warrants and bonus warrants. More information.
  • Futures: Meff, Eurex, CME and CBOT, from European and American markets on stock, indexes, currencies, fixed-income products and interest rates. More information.
  • Meff and Eurex options on the main stocks and indexes. More information.

We provide different services and tools to help you make your own investment decisions: 

  • Information about markets, prices, analysis (technical, basic and by industry and geographical area). Advanced instrument finder. 
  • Real-time price service (streaming), in-depth market analysis and assessment of gains and losses; sign up for the services that interest you the most.
  • Analysis tools: Securities finder with more than 30 filters, interactive charts and over 80 different indicators, plus a warrants calculator to calculate different scenarios. 
  • Risk control tools: optimize your trading results with a broad range of orders and some useful tools from BBVA Trader that will help you make your own investment decisions and assess any associated risks. 
  • Intraday leveraged transactions for investors who understand financial markets and are aware of the risks involved. 
  • The BBVA Pro Trader platform lets you create your own work space. 
  • Trading sessions that enable you to issue orders easily and without needing additional authorization. 
  • Reports on basic and technical analysis, trading videos and a financial schedule. 
  • Face-to-face and online training about markets, instruments and tools for all levels.