Reverse Factoring

Reverse Factoring

Saw to your payments to suppliers so that can simplify and improve the management of the liquidity of your SME.

  • Simplify the management fee-paying to your suppliers.

  • Arrived the maturity be able to choose postpone the payment.

  • Additionally, your suppliers be able to request the advance of the charge of your invoices.

For you

  • Secures your posture in the negotiation with suppliers: possibility of discounts, negotiate terms etc.
  • Reduces administrative work, saw to process the information, elaborate the payment orders and carry out them in the maturity date.
  • Improvement in the management of the treasury, enabling the simplification of the cash flows. 
  • Controls your invoices, remittances, amount bankable, account of financing and conditions of contract of completely online way through BBVA Net cash.
  • Pay your invoices in your maturity date or postpones your payment.
  • Possibility for your suppliers of charge anticipated of invoices, without extra nor previous studies documentation.

For your suppliers

  • Can anticipate up to 100% of each bill in an agile and simple way: without extra nor previous studies documentation.
  • Not consume borrowing power own.
  • Coverage of the default risk , provided that anticipate. 
  • If are customers of BBVA, also can manage, at no additional cost, the advances when it wish and carry out enquiries and simulations through BBVA Net cash. And if not are customers, be able to do it through www.bbvanetadvance.com.

For you

  • Signatures with BBVA in the presence of a notary the contract that regulates the conditions of the advance payment to your suppliers and the limits of financing with your company.
  • Inform to BBVA, through file electronic, of the payments authorized to your suppliers.
  • In the maturity date of the invoices have two options: pay to BBVA or postpone the payment through financing or recomprar the payments issued, as long as it have controlled.

For your suppliers

  • BBVA informs to your supplier of that has a payment order of yours and you gives to choose between: charge in the maturity date or charge anticipated, good punctually or in an automatic way (all the charges).
  • If your suppliers wish an advance of charge, owe sign a Contract of Cession of Credits Without Recourse , that is, BBVA not demand the advance to the supplier if you not us pays upon maturity of the bill.
  • This option has a cost for your suppliers: the advance carried out for the supplier includes the coverage of the risk of unpaid since, of happen, it assume BBVA or in the event of charge on maturity, the supplier assumes the default risk of your part.

For you

  • If arrival the maturity date of the invoices, not have need of postpone them, then not is no cost
  • If, on the other hand, decide postpone them, you apply an interest fixed or variable and a fee on the deferred tax.

For your suppliers

  • For advance of charge: interest for the financing (more differential EURIBOR) depending on the term anticipated, and fee of coverage of the default risk (on the amount).

Both the interest rate and the fees depend on many factors. Ask your adviser to calculate a quote for you according to your personal situation.

  • Be a SME.
  • Having an account at BBVA.
  • Your suppliers not have obligation of have an account in BBVA for charge the invoices through Reverse factoring.
  • The granting of the Reverse factoring is subject to previous authorization on the part of BBVA, who be able to ask for you collateral securities. Your manager you give information on the documentation that owe give for the study of this operation.