CAP Advance Agropréstamo loan

CAP Advance Agropréstamo loan

Pay the CAP directly into your BBVA account and apply for a CAP Advance Agropréstamo.

  • You can request your CAP Advance Agropréstamo until 04/30/2019 to help you perform your agricultural activities.

  • Up to 100% of the aid amount.

  • 0% NIR. APR of 5.57%.


  • The maximum term to directly deposit the CAP into your account: until 04/30/2019. 
  • The loan must be repaid when the subsidy enters your account. Maximum term 06/30/2020.


  • Early cancellation fee 0%.
  • Commitment fee: 3% (€90 minimum)
  • Appraisal fee: exempt.

See legal notice.

Follow Guillermo's example to access the same facilities:

Guillermo has arranged to have his CAP paid into his BBVA account. In December, he will receive €20,000. However, as he had to buy feed at a cost of €18,000 in March, he went to his BBVA branch and requested an CAP Advance Agropréstamo for the same month. After that, he still had €1,400 to deal with any other agricultural contingencies. 

Has paid an interest of 0% NIR, with a Start-up fee of 3%, that supposes an APR of 5.57%.