Offer valid until the 09/30/2018 for loans with salary paid in directly for minimum amount of 1,000€ (1 account holder) or 1,500€ (2 account holders). Financing subject to approval by BBVA.

Example for an amount of € 20,000 over 120 months: NIR 6.5 % / APR 7.94 %. Monthly Fee 227.10 €. Total amount debited 28,383.70 €. Commitment fee 2.30 % , full or partial early repayment 0.50% if the term with payment pending does not exceed 12 months, or 1% if it does.

The simulations performed by the Banks calculator based on the information included by the customer/user is merely for informational purposes, and therefore does not represent an offer or recommendation from BBV a for contracting the product indicated in it. BBV a also has no commitment to its concession, nor to the customer/user who uses the simulator for the application and/or contracting.

The information contained in the simulator does not substitute or modify that which is contained in the pre-contractual and contractual documentation corresponding to an application for finance. In particular, BBVA will provide to the customer/user the documents specified by the applicable regulations.