BBVA life insurance

Choose the type of life insurance policy and coverage amount, with the peace of mind of knowing that you can make changes at any time.


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Our life insurance products offer peace of mind and economic support for you or your family, by providing protection in the event of illness or death.

  • They include Specialized Health Services and Bereavement Coverage.
  • You have the option of signing up for additional guarantees to expand your life insurance coverage.

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Choose your type of policy: We offer a flexible life insurance policy that lets you select the coverage that best fits your needs, which you can modify any time

Check the basic coverages in this table according to your selected type of insurance.
Death Specialized health services Funeral services and compensation in the event of death Full permanent disability Cancer or heart attack
Life Essential With coverage With coverage With coverage
Life More With coverage With coverage With coverage With coverage
Life Más 2C With coverage With coverage With coverage With coverage With coverage

With BBVA life insurance policies, depending on the coverage you choose, you will be covered in the event of death, disability, dependency or serious illnesses, including cancer or a heart attack. You'll be able to choose the policy that best suits your estimates and needs and you'll be able to start living with more peace of mind. With BBVA life insurance policies you'll enjoy the best thing you have.

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