BBVA Home Insurance

Total flexibility, so that you can choose the coverage you need. Each of our insurance modes includes additional services at no extra cost, and the option to swap your current policy for another, should your needs change.


  • I am a tenant

  • Additional services

If you are a home owner, there are 4 insurance packages, which, combined, offer 5 insurance modes.

The Basic Protection package includes the main insurance products; you can extend it with the following insurance coverage, for greater protection:

  • Breakage, electrical and refrigerator damage.
  • Extended protection and theft
  • If you take out these additional packages, you can access the High-Value Extensions package.

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Choose the type of BBVA Vivienda Insurance that best suits your needs:

Check the basic coverages in this table according to your selected type of insurance.
Basic protection Breakages, electrical and Refrigerator damage Extended protection and Theft High Value Extensions
Mode Essential With coverage
Mode More With coverage With coverage
Mode Security With coverage With coverage
Mode More Security With coverage With coverage With coverage
Mode Total coverage With coverage With coverage With coverage With coverage

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