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BBVA's loan comparison tool: choose yours

At BBVA we are ready to adapt to any need. If our entire range at a glance. Take a look at this loan comparison to get a quick idea of what we can offer you, and under what terms ( interest rates, repayment periods, opening and cancellation fees, etc.). Here are our products:

Personal online loan

Coche Online Loan


Account in BBVA
Interest rate

From 7.20% NIR

(APR from 8.15% to10.41%)
New car* From 5.95% NIR

(APR from 6.80% to 9.05%)
Used car* From 6.95% NIR

(APR from 7.87% to 10.15%)

Minimum €3,000 and maximum €75,000

Minimum 2 years and maximum 8 years.Minimum 2 years and maximum 8 years.

Start-up fee

2.3% on the contracted amount, no minimum

Partial/full repayment fee

0.5% (repayment period less than 12 months)

1% (repayment period more than 12 months)


Online applicationOnline application
*New car: less than 36 months old, used car: more than 36 months old.

And if you have any questions you would like answered, contact our advisers. They will help you and advise you to choose the loan that best matches your needs.