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Analyze a property

Do you want to know the price of a house?

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Buy or rent

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In which city triumphs more the reggaeton? And the music indie?

With BBVA Considers now also can know the music that characterizes to your city.

If you are looking for a house, or have already found one, BBVA Valora will help you find out how much it might cost and to decide whether to rent or buy it based on its price. It also gathers together information about the property to enable you to make better decisions.

BBVA Valora enables you to value properties

Analyze a property

Find out a property's approximate purchase price*, as well as published offers for similar homes nearby.

Search for a property

Analyze the neighborhood

Discover how many properties there are in the area, how much they cost and what their surface area is. It also provides you with historical estimated sale prices per m2.

Get to know the neighborhood

Mortgage calculator

If you already know the price of your future house, you can use our calculator to check what your payments will be each month.

Calculate your payment

* Information provided by Madiva Solutions S.L.

BBVA Valora View

A new way to look for a house

With BBVA Valora View you will be able to look for a house by focusing your phone's camera. What's more, you will find helpful information for buying or renting it.

More info about Valora View

Download it, whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

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